Friday, May 16, 2014

the only china i'll ever want to own.

Calamityware horrifying bluechina plates 

Traditional dinner plates are just no fun.
IF I was to ever have one of those walls with plates all over it
I want it to be these:
Sea Monsters and Robots causing a ruckus and all.
 by: Don Moyer  with Calamityware

Thursday, May 15, 2014

how to imagine France.

This photographer snapped 25 very playful takes
through the romantic country.

Each photograph has a dose of surrealism and dash of humor leaving
all of us ashamed of the lame photos we take on vacation.

"We discovered new cities and monuments and we had to create our own stories about them. We spent time in museums that were empty! We enjoyed having an entire castle to ourselves starting at 7am to see the sun come up. That seems crazy when I write about that today. "

The Water Mirror , Bordeaux
The MuCEM, Marseilles
The Royal Chateau de Blois

The Palais de Papes, Avignong
The Chateau du Clos-Luce
Gare Saint Sauver, Lille
Chateau de Thoiry
Pic Du Midi
The Thermes du Mont-Dore, Auvergne
Opera Royal of Versailles
The Pont du Gard
Chateau du Haut- Koenigsbourg
The Citadel of Besancon
The Cite of Carcassonne
The Palais de Papes, Avignon

by: Maia Flore

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I have never had proper appreciation for 
"old world charm".
I find it often too "fru-fru" if you will and
it's often an over bombardment of gold if you will.

However, with this whole "old is new" phenomenon
comingback and hitting harder than ever.
I'm starting to seesome executions
that actually tickle my old soul I never
even knew I had.


is a lavishly decked out restaurant resembling
a luxurious historical apartment. 

The walls were previously the
'Abdallah Bustros Palace' in East Beirut.
The traditional Lebanese home layout has been kept
bringing the old 19th century home back to life.

''We did not get obsessive about the design …..Everything is a bit tongue in cheek; delightful and somewhat impish.'

The features were of the artist Idarica Gazzoni's unique Arjumand wallpapers.
These grace the walls like frescoes found in traditional royal palaces.
These wallpapers bring us back in time,
reminding us of the original intents of each these rooms.

''Every room stands alone and yet plays a part in the bigger composition. LIZA Beirut is welcoming, inviting…moments are savoured and prolonged…LIZA Beirut feels like a place where one wishes to live.''

'LIZA'  @ East Beirut
- - -
Interiors by: Maria Ousseimi
Lighting by: JVL StudioTableware, corner bar & decorative objects by: Orient 499

 (the brand composes of LIZA Paris, L DE LIZA sandwich bar, LIZA CHEZ VOUS catering service and MEZZA LIA delivery service.  CANTINE LIZA is due to open in Paris this coming spring @ the Galerie Lafayette)
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