Monday, January 31, 2011

the unpredictable life.

'Honda Jazz'
by: Wieden + Kennedy-- London

miracles DO happen.


last night i had this dream that my laptop magically fixed itself
(aka no longer needed to have a keyboard and mouse plugged into it for it to work properly)

i woke up hurried over and banging on the keyboard--nothing.

chris e and i were just gossiping over my fb ...

it was magical awe inspiring
enthralling divine


im freaking PEEING from joy right now.
i. love. my. laptop. <3

(lets hope it doesn't give in when i turn it off or something)

swan ownage.

So in the past year, pretty much anything that has to do with ballerinas
have gotten the hype of a lifetime.

From Kanye's movie to the wince inducing 'Black Swan'
(i. am. obsessed.)

These ridiculously strong but tiny people have rocked the world
(still a little bit of an understatement)
with their presence, grace and inspiration.

This fashion spread featuring Russian model Denisa Dvorakova
yet another jaw dropper in this twinkle toe category.

Model: Denisa Dvorakova
Photographers: Jason Schmidt
Styled by: Olga Dunina
Dresses by: Giorgio Armani & Chanel.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

when i can't play r.p.s.

Easiest tool for decision making:

That's right.
Fool Proof.

you can't play alone.

Thanks for making my life decisions easy.

Friday, January 28, 2011

what is being creative.


by: Kristian Larsen

eat off my shirt.

'Dressed for Dinner'

..teeheeehee, he's so witty.
i want.

by: Marianne ban Ooij

Thursday, January 27, 2011

i wish i had time on my hands.

... but I ammmm bloggin'-- i guess i have
need to stop pretending I do.
Created by folding each page into right dimensions.

'Origami Book'
by: Isaac Salazar

Why am I so incapable.

Barbie meets Dexter.

Let's face is Barbie has undergone numerous transformations,
some of them, not as flattering as others.
But lets be real, she's still lookin' pretty good for a 52 year old.
(& yes, she hasssss gone Gaga already)

I'm not sure if you've ever had the borderline traumatic
experience of popping Barbie's head off .


It just POPS off if you squeeze it a certain way,
its like popping champagne but mildly damaging to
one's childhood innocence.

Playing out (lets hope was NOT a childhood fantasy) homicidal sets
with Barbie dolls is photography Marciel Clayton.

A little creepalicious, but nonetheless mad entertaining.

by: Marciel Clayton

for all my RSIDs.

we are young, we run free, stay up late, we don’t sleep, got our friends, got the night, we’ll be alright.
"we are young, we run free, stay up late,
we don't sleep, got our friends, got the night,
we'll be alright"

p.s. But this doesn't mean I'm not f-ed sideways for this hand-in <3

round 2

& it begins.

...this time, with
Mrs. Kasoogi

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have recently been reminded (on multiple occasions) of how ancient
I really am.

Despite my attempts to continue to carry out my childish
acts and mentality, the
"do-you-remember-when" conversations
that has been coming up more often than not are really putting
my age into perspective.

Today, YET

I went to 'Grand & Toy'.

(This place was essentially my heaven prior to my intro to
vanity & an appetite for
all-you-can-eat sushi.)
& was pleasantly shocked to meet :

SMEAR GUARD highlighters.

No, I am not like all the regualar uni students that live off
of these fluorescent tubes of joy.

I am instead stuck with the 6x more expensive option:
(of which are also smear free)

Now only prismas were $4.50 for five.....

x x -- brightens my life.

There's something realllly enticing about the simplicity of 'X's.

Of course, the fact that these simple shapes
are graced by the heart-stopping, pee-my-pants-able...

(aka//Brian Donnelly)
Now making bulbies for the 'Standard Hotel'.
Limited edition (obvi)-- 1000 sets of 3 bulbs.

The awesometastic-ness lies within subtle changes that
make something so freakin' remarkable.

RED, PURPLE & GREEN 'x' filaments.
= $65 a pop.

sad note: i feel like geniusness shouldnt be so elitist =(

“Just changing a small thing, like a filament,
can turn a light bulb from a standard everyday
thing to something you want to look at,”
“You’re raised not to stare at light bulbs,
but this is the opposite of that.”

by: KAWS

please budget 5 minutes.

Gif Apple
...because there is no way you can not stare
@ this thing for anything less.

on a side note: having encountered this image at 5am with
400+ pages of research articles to sift through means
procrastination has peaked for the evening morning
...UGH I hate this undefinable hour.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the age old tale.

Gisele Bundche.

-moment of silence as we all gawk @ her beauty-
-pause, to wonder why we weren't born that way-.

This Brazilian beauty is posing & portraying the age-old tale
of the enchanted Princess awaiting for her Prince to come....
*Disney Theme begins*

Why do Princesses
HAVE TO be drop dead gorgeous?


'Harper's Bazaar Espanol', Feb 2011
Photographer: Karl Largerfeld
(oh, the pressure I would feel)

beauty at ease.

For those 3 minutes + 1 second
Everything was beautiful.

'Thought of You'

by: Ryan J Woodward

generation y.

I am in search for the concept of my final THESIS project.
(I refuse to just call it a "project", it loses impact,
character and the hardcore intelligent aura 'thesis' emits--plus
i sound super cool when those 2 syllables run from my mouth =D)

Looking into the issues hidden, embedded in our generation.
There is so much poison, so much waste instilled in us...

Somehow, I know that we all know this...
but for that same reason we too cannot cure ourselves.

Generation Y, tell me what's wrong with you.

Monday, January 24, 2011

the triple 'B'

Bold, Black & Beautiful.

My relatively concerning obsession with 'Criminal Minds'
has brought me to Google the cast's life stories last night.

(Yes, between detailing a hurricane resistant reception desk
and figuring what angle my inset monitor rack should be at)

This yummy man is....

I knnnnnowww.
(Shemar Moore aka// Derek Morgan)

I'm still in shock and just really
needed to share this with the world.

p.s. I have the biggest crush on him

don't ask questions-- just accept it.

can she make your Bedrock?

...pppppprobably not.

Well thought out & obvi ridiculously
executed as the age old cartoons characters are portrayed
as old as they really are.

by: Matthias Seifarth

simple pleasures.

I don't wanna get out of bed.
It's narrrr-stay out.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

holler... MULTICULTURALISM and its effects on chip flavours.

I vow to try all the great international flavours 'President Choice'
has proposed to me.

But thus far, THIS GREEK FIASCO (of oregano, feta and basil)
is fighting for #1 with 'No Name' Brand's Roast Chicken flavor

(aka exactly like the Asian Calbee goodness-- but cheap)
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