Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween gong show.


[x] 4 singing pumpkin faces
[x] tombstones
[x] hand carved pumpkins
[x] strobes
[x] 1000 + lights.


resuming to your regular programming.

Today little Mok joins the harsh realities of

Even saying it out loud (well typing it) gives me the shivers.

What does this mean dear blogosphere?

It means that Mok will once again return to her glory
days where blogging about nothing keeps me from
thinking that I'm an insignificant 5'2" Asianrotting away.

(as displayed here, here, here & oh ya here too.)

sidenote #1391: this is also why I have Twitter.
It makes me feel like my opinion matters.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

chanel domination.

'Chanel Robot'

reminds me of my retail in 2nd year.

epitomy of multitasking.

I don't get rubiks cubes.
People say its all math, so that's probably why I suck at them.
I hate math.

This is David Calvo.

Juggling 2 rubiks cubes
meanwhile SOLVING another one.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

visuals >lyrics.

'I Need Nothing - a nearly useless odyssey
by: Caoceito

The crappy lyrics & the horrid tune
might actually have been redeemed by the
video visuals.


Can't wait for the Asian one.

Friday, October 28, 2011

it's the most wonderful time of the year.

It's never too early to think about Christmas.
I blast Christmas Pop-hits 2001 the moment Thanksgiving is over dude.
(2 more months baby!)

& what's even better than that?
Christmas, now in Pantone.

8cm diamater
or 3.14" if you prefer imperial.

- - -
by: Selab
- - -
p.s. for even more reason to be excited for Christmas...

i am shamelessly in love with Biebs.
PLUS, his new found man voice just totally justifies my crush.

stop tweeting boring sh!t.

True story.

As I will be entering the FT work force is t-2 days
I will once again be an avid member of the BBM/Twitter community.
I have recently been following some quote tweeters in hopes
of reading some enlightening/crack-me-up tweets only to notice
that half of them are :
"follow @whateverwhatever they're awesome" "follow @ijustwantmorefollowers" if you love me"
I don't know who you are so stop telling me what to do.
Modern day office mottos that are pretty universal
& legitimately should be followed by all.

by: Divisions of Labor

I am trying rreeeeeeally hard to look forward to day 1.

don't hug me, i'm scared.

It's when I find things like this amusing, do I really question myself.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

conaan kinetic

'Conan O'Brien Kinetic Typography'
by: Jacob Gilbreath



This has got to be one of the coolest inventions I have ever blogged about.
& mind you homies, this is of the brains from the 1930s.


Only a dozen (give or take a few) of these thingies exist.
& yes, it does exactly what you think it does.

"The Keaton Music Typewriter was first patented in 1936 (14 keys) by Robert H. Keaton from San Francisco, California. Another patent was taken out in 1953 (33 keys) which included improvements to the machine. The machine types on a sheet of paper lying flat under the typing mechanism. There are several Keaton music typewriters thought to be in existence in museums and private collections. It was marketed in the 1950s and sold for around $225. The typewriter made it easier for publishers, educators, and other musicians to produce music copies in quantity. Composers, however, preferred to write the music out by hand."

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

nostalgia: love the ones your with.

Days like this have been happening more often than not recently,
but today is probably one of those that hit my heart the most.

On this rainy (so already thought provoking) day,
I have finally had the day off from server-land &
do some design things while running some downtown errands.

Simply lurking the streets made me feel alive,
I wanted to tweet every 5 seconds cause for the first time in a while,
I actually had thoughts I wanted to announce.
(please don't mistake that for thoughts that are actually useful to the world)

Now finally, taking a stop to do some work @ nowhere but
Church & Gerrard
the one place I missioned to through blizzards and storms the past 4 years.

I have come to realize that one short year ago,
I was in dire need of sleep, nutrition, & a shower that lasted more than 5 minutes.
...but NEVER love & hugs...
Cause everyday, at this around this exact corner,
the most beautiful people in the world surrounded me providing me
with everything a girl could need.

Today, I don't want to do anything but you urge you all to
S T O P .
And simply reflect on the beauty/awesomeness/magic of where you are in life.
But most of all, smile because no matter where you are, who you've grown to be,
you too, also have (at least) 14 soulmates out there too.

Oh RSID, how i miss you so.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

outside of transformers

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Her definition in my books is:
1. the girl that easily replaced Megan Fox
(in my books anyways) in Transformers 3.
2. The one that miraculously managed to stay clean in
no less than a white dress while getting chased
by Decepticons.
3. is awkwardly hot.

rosie huntington whiteley3 Rosie Huntington Whiteley by Alexi Lubomirski for <em>Vogue Germany</em> November 2011

Now. We find her in Vogue Germanyrosie huntington whiteley1 Rosie Huntington Whiteley by Alexi Lubomirski for <em>Vogue Germany</em> November 2011
rosie huntington whiteley2 Rosie Huntington Whiteley by Alexi Lubomirski for <em>Vogue Germany</em> November 2011

rosie huntington whiteley6 Rosie Huntington Whiteley by Alexi Lubomirski for <em>Vogue Germany</em> November 2011
She totally has those sultry "come hither" eyes.

rosie huntington whiteley4 Rosie Huntington Whiteley by Alexi Lubomirski for <em>Vogue Germany</em> November 2011

'Vogue' Germany
Nov 2011
Photographer: Alexi Lubromski
Model: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Wardrobe: Burberry Prorsum

ribbon on finger? that's old news.

Buy 100 watches for €9.80...

by: Dorian Favre

Monday, October 24, 2011

reactine is required.

2000 suspended Dandelions as an installation.
LEZZ BE REAL-- that's freakin' fantastic.

If you don't see how this is amazing,
stop and consider HOW ON EARTH did the artist
manage transport undamaged, unpuffed dandelions
(not to mention TWO THOUSAND of them).

1. Treat flowers with gentle adhesive
2. Place in special palette
(of which the artist designed for the back of her car)
3. hang awesomeness upside down for full effect.

by: Regine Ramseier (*)
the piece was created as part of the ArToll Summer Lab 2011

'monki'-ing around.

...haha, get it?!
(I'm so witty it hurtssss)

I decided to save this piece of fun from my Friday post
to set a good/quirky/fun jumpstart to the week :)

'Monkigirls wear Cool Jeans'
by: Monki


(more Monki fun hereeeee.)
more stop time addictions.
here and here anddddd ..... too.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

i love...

...the way this song makes me feel on the inside :).

I feel like I'm just gliding on~

'I love'
by: Funky DL

Saturday, October 22, 2011

goldfish, now living on the edge.

Risky business for these (seemingly) clueless creatures.

Each hand blown to its wobbly goodness each of these babies
all look like they're ready to topple & smatter.

As much as it might make you uncomfortable & weary,
to be honest Goldilocks probably can't tell the difference in there.

- - -

'Bubble Tank'
by: Richard Bell (PSalt [A Pinch of Salt])

instant gratification.

I rarely tune in to the radio anymore
(mainly cause I feel like my iPod isn't gunna
play the same song 12 times in an hour)

but this week, when I did, I ran into this song.
& for some reason to made me smile... lots.

Guess people now simply don't know how to slow down.
Everything has become the answer to instant gratification,
& as a result no one has patience to allow something to foster,
to brew into something perfect.

- - -
'Just A Kiss'
by: Lady Antebellum

Friday, October 21, 2011

the friendship of cousin IT & Alice.

& even if they were never meant to cross paths let alone be friends.
This editorial shoot has forced them into a creepy unique awkward relationship.

a Swedish (of course) womenswear line
that not only offers affordable goodies but a
whole WORLD of Monki vibes for regular humans to see.

Forget just a brand or a store, this thing is a quirk haven.

'The Goddess'
by: Monki
Graphix @ 0:36 puts the graphic art direction of TNA to shame.

- - -

Style Layout #1: Sweet Rebels.

Style Layout #2: Pop Non Stop

Style Layout #3: Reflections on Grey

Style Layout #4:Own n Fox

how uncomfy is it to hold your pose like the lady on the right...

Monki Let's Party AW 09 - a Dancing Lookbook.

hahaha oh mi gawsshh they're so weird!!!!!!
they make me giggle cause i dont know how to react to such awkwardness.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

sleep like a baby.

... literally.

"sleep like it used to be."

I don't know if all this sudden interest for
sleep & sleep related things it my brain telling
me that I am once again exhausted and relatively depleted of it.

- - -

Ad campaign for Comforta Mattresses
Agency: 'Grey' -- Indonesia
Photographer: Handri Karya

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

weightless dreamers.

The other night I had a dream that I was at work
and someone in the kitchen was slicing fruit in the air
like some craaaaaazy Samurai... or Fruit Ninja.

So pardon my horrible segway to the actual post.
But here it is:
'Dreams of Flying Revisited'

Dreams of Flying Revisited

"Working on an editorial on dreams of a grown-up was something new and challenging.
The images had to be much more complex, sophisticated and art directed.
It turned out to be so much fun and even whilst shooting, we had more ideas.
For example, the shot when she is 'shopping' or when she is
'driving the car' were totally improvised during the shoot.
That was quite a revelation for anyone on set."

I really hope this guy was the art director for the Oren Lavie MV
or at least best friends with the dude or something.
Cause if not, this is some shameless plagiarism happening.

(Slash, if you haven't watched it before, please do ITS FREAKIN' BOMB)
click click click

It's great that in your dreams all things are possible.
Now only if I knew how to realize that they're dreams quickly enough
to exploit those (potentially) irresponsible actions.

- - -

"Dreams of Flying Revisited"
by: Jan von Holleben

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

too much judging.

After serving for a good 2.5 months now.
& today I was disproved, appauled & offended.

All in the span of 5 hours.

- - -
Incident #1:
People involved- 2 Asian girls.
Tip average: low
Tip outcome: 30%
Mok's reaction: =O

Incident #2:
Check total: 70.10
Drinks involved: Heineken & Long Island.
Mok's assumption: 15%
Outcome: 90 cents.
Mok's reaction: go figure

Incident #3:
Check total: 13 something
Dialogue (&physical interaction) involved:
"Hun you were great, such an amazing server, thank you soooooo much"
Tip outcome: $0.00
Mok's thought process:
I seriously hope people know I don't get
paid off of smiles and thank yous.

- - -
A good day is still a good day.
And even though bad tippers are aggravating, they make for great stories.


i don't wanna be eaten.

I tried coming up with something witty to say.
I got nothing.

So let's just rejoice and be happy with that smile on your face.


bar graph organizationals.

So simple.
Yet not the wittiest thing in the world.
But just enough to make you smile at its cleanliness.

I don't think I've ever met a tidy and neat artist/designer
(except for the rare case of Christopher Leung)

Famous for his 'Tidying Up Art' books
This whole new reorganizational in art is making a BUH-BAM.

- - -
by: Ursus Wehrli
(his profile on TED -- i heart geek television)
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