Tuesday, November 30, 2010

zombie infestation.

a 8-bit fun video of a zombie infestation.

What's even funnier is, this is happening real life, right now.
On Church Street with the 2011 Class of RSID.


I've not really dwelled in my apartment for the past 23 days.

As a matter of fact, I've lived out of my giant pump duffel bag
alongside a A&F shopping bag (of which is filled instant delights).

If you wonder why I'm not going home
(even though I live literally 5 mins away)
is because the moment this head hits something remotely like a pillow
(which at this point can even be concrete floors)

I. Will. Pass. Out.

On a lighter note, I've officially migrated from the studio to the CAD lab.
Which can only mean one thing...

p.s. lack of sleep leads to lack of body warmth generated.
I've been Autodesk Monkey-ing away in my PARKA.
As more alive 2nd years around me are CAD-ing in tees and tanks.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

new record on the dial.

After 20 days of listening to only the 6 days worth of music on my iTunes,
I decided it was time to download a new album.

But for whatever horrible reason, I didn't download
"Doo-Wops and Hooligans"

Now it's going to be on repeat and not will not stop on its loop till until
tomorrow morning.

In case you're also a slow poke like me...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

day 19

I'm mad.
I'm frustrated
& HELLL yah I'm going to blog about it.

Technology was suppose to be granted to mankind as a source of ease and help.
It has done nothing thus far but ruin my life. I hate this nonsense.


not a single working rendering.

Whoever invented SketchUp clearly didn't use their brain very much.

Making it practically incompatible with 3Ds means death for all
the students desperately trying to scramble and make their
12 story dream hotel come to life.

Now someone tell me how to enroll in my 5th year.

doodling is letting your mind let go.

i LOVEEEEEEEEEE this crap.


by: Uberkraaft

Friday, November 26, 2010

simply romantic.

Black. White. + my fave Nude-y Pink.

Fat girl shirts that fat girls can't wear.
Clothes like this can make even a un-put together girl look flirty,
pretty and girly(ish) in these seemingly effortless outfits.
In a time like this, I GREATLYYYY appreciate things that make
me look like i tried... but really didn't. =P
I would like this skirt now. kthx.

Having worked in both London &&& Paris for baller labelos like 'Preen'
This "relaxed glamour" designer officially launched her line in October of this year.
Having worked in both London &&& Paris for baller labelos like 'Preen'
This "relaxed glamour" designer officially launched her line in October of this year.

'The Eleventh Hour'
Resort Collection 2010

by: Anne Tu.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

this is what i do.

It's about psychology.
It's about mental and spatial manipulation.

Take this experiment and multiply it's thought process by 43289432.

That's about 1/2 of what we do.

sweet social experiment proving that people do a LOT of things
without thinking about it...

'People Watching Plus'
vid by: Rune Madsen

lets hope so.

Deadline #1.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i sit and wonder...

how on earth did my life come to this?
...pun/multi-meanings intended.

creativity is viral.

... i wanna be innovative infection one day :)*

how to be popular.

To have friends in RSID you must be a

no one likes mediocrity around here.
(why are we soooo extra?!?)

p.s. bringing Chuckanucka to the studio was
THE best decision made this semester.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

15 down, 13 to go.

Thai delivery man: "Is this a residence?"
It might as well be.
studio day #15.

silencer for my cad death hands.

Apparently I'm a loud typist.
...a really angry one..

This might be the solution... if only it didn't look soooo special needs.

'Soundproof Keyboard Cover'
by: Thanko

click $ to spend 36 bucks on this relatively useless piece of product.
The Soundproof Keyboard Cover from Thanko. This thing looks stupid.
"Not only reducing the noise, it will also protect your keyboard from the dust or water. "

Monday, November 22, 2010

challenging RSID's fuse.

In the midst of ...
work work caffeine work work and work.

We decided that joy can be brought into the studio again...


signing out from RSID...day14
thats right. ive been here loyally for 14 days.
only slept in a bed for 2 of them.

(slash... we might blow a fuse soon on this side of the studio...
14 laptops. 5 lamps. 5 clamp ons...
...on 2 outlets..)

kinda hurts my ears.

by: Lernert Engelberts & Sander Plug

2 Dutch artists, currently living and working in Amsterdam.
They're good times have been featured on commercials, documentaries
and also shown off as installations (yes!!!!)

AIM: Simple and communicative works.

RESULT: def communicated to me. just a little more pain the ear
then I thought.

grandma's loot.

Somewhere in between handing in my 9 page essay
& writing my 2 hour long final
(or a whole lot of tired dilerium like standing in a corner and explaining it as my emotions...
or running out of a class scream "escape in the midst of chaos"
ORRRR just panicking for my 3d sketchup/max models)

Marface & I went to get breakie @ the Oakham House.


Better yet, as we were picking up the condiments and such I pulled a old granny.
aka// take as much condiments as your little purse can hold.

I don't think MJ ever thought that his creative genius would be holding a whole
bucket load of ketchup, honey, peanut butter, s&p and biodegradable cutlery.

...it's just not the type of classy he was envisioning.

p.s. I just read this post out loud to chris-ness.
he wonder's how i have time to blog...
but the lack of awake or sane people in the
studio make it close to impossible to share my thoughts.

...&lets be real. i need to talk.
(unless im in my headphone zone.. then im gone for good... oh my gosh im rambling..)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

style my lard.

I have pretty much refused to put on a pair of jeans for 14 days now.

So shopping WILL NOT make me feel better since I'll probably look like
an absolute cow in everything I try on ANYWAYS.

So INSTEAD of stylin' myself. I figured looking @ food styling is something
I can much more relate with at the moment.

43 year old Norwegian food & prop stylist.

Moved from Oslo to the Big Apple to show the world his goodies.
Working with some of the top photographers Paul Lowe has got
his sweet styling edge into top magazine spreads.

McQueen.Louis Vuitton, obvi. =)

by: Paul Lowe
[online mag 'Sweet Paul' hereeeeeee or typepad >> hereeeee & hereee]Related Posts with Thumbnails

Saturday, November 20, 2010

i'm allowed to judge what's on the outside.

"Do not judge a book by it's cover"
W H A T E V E R.

Lets be real, if that was the case, graphic/packaging designers would have been
out of commission for a llllooonnnnnnngggg time.

Plus we've totally all bought something just cause it looks cute.
We live in a vain vain world & there ain't nothing we can do about it.
I can totally say "yeeeeeeees" to these nifty retail exteriors.

'Swarovski' Flagship -- Tokyo
This "crystal forest" probably blinds people in the daytime.
To avoid people hacking @ the exterior, its not actually crystal but
...Stainless Steel Mirrors!

'Salon Mittermeier' -- Austria
Human hair waves mimicked on the exterior.
Water jet-cut laminated sheets.

by: Gregory Polleta & Sung Jang
LV never disappoints with the exterior.
I must say, I rather enjoy this over their typical LED jizz fest.

Temporary 7-eleven makeovers <3
THIS IS TOOOO CUTE. They even started to sell 'Buzz Cola' &
Homer's pink sprinkle donutssss~KKEKEKE.

'Gibson' Amp Store--South Hampton, England
speaking volumes on the street

Another volume piece. This is just how loud the new
iPod Hi-Fi system is...

Telecom building-- Tokyo

These aren't even facades. THEY'RE VINYL STICKERS STUCK ON TOP OF
ggggrreeeatttt dead city masking tool if you ask me.
120 bikes attached to the facade.
Wanna make a wild guess what they're selling?
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