Monday, May 31, 2010


It feels like i know you-- but I really don't.
Or maybe were suppose to know each other but a duck got caught.

it's a yellow man's world.

Post Google's celebration of 'Pacman'.
I started to notice a lot of 'Pacman' inspired stuff.

Let's start off with my new found love: 'PES' films

Pacman can be found at 1:17

Nike Dunk Hi SB.
Pacman inspired palette.

Pacman working it for Lanvin Spring/Summer 2008
Photographer: Hartland Villa
Rest of the shoot
Pacman-esque helmet.
Giles Deacon Spring/Summer 2009
'Puckman' (due to legal purposes)
By: Ginepro Design

Modern Monster Office Chairs
By: Eero Saarinen

From the Patrick Runte series:"Jump 'n' Run"
Concept: Retro video games in a live setting.
More here.

fo' real?!

I just realized that some people can hold grudges for 10 years.
I just realized they can do it without remembering why.

Best yet, they still think they're better than you without remembering who you are to begin with.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

i'm pretty sure they're the cutest.

2 weddings later, this child had got to spent an unusually high amount of time with the family + fam friends. No denials, I've enjoyed every moment of it. At times when family may seem annoying, or a bother in your everyday life, all it takes is for you to remember they want nothing but the best for you-- always.

I got to realize inappropriateness runs in the fam, but I'm sure its hereditary.

Being all around the globe, it really takes something big to make us all spend time together. It's times like this that make me smile cause I'm sure were cuter than those fams you see on tele (TVB to be exact)

Don't know why the sudden gush of mush and overwhelming emotions, but the past few weeks reminded me how much love is in this fam.

Safe double digit flights back!!!
Love you =').

children make it cooler.

IRON BABY BY Patrick Boivin.

Still need to see Iron man 2.... WHO'S DOWN?!?!?!

lead the way.

On the way back on the hwy there was a over abundance of vintage cars on the road. Basically, I got real excited and took a whole bunch of pictures.


I was def not in this English speaking country yet when these commercials happened.
H E A R T the rapping.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Love 2.0

I have been bombarded with weddings and marriage talk for the past month.
All my relatives + fam friends have flown in from all around the globe to attend my broski and my cousin's wedding. In the middle of those two, my other cousin gets engaged.

Then they snap the question, "When's it gunna be you?"

But apparently fleeting looks is also all a girl's got and your peak ends at 21.
Thanks fam.

afternoon tea.

*Happy Marriage BiuBiu + Biu Soe. *
Inspired by the 1.5 hr long "yum cha"/aka/tea ceremony this morning. I decided to blog a little about this caffeinated goodness.
Concept Packaging Project
By: Natalia Ponomareva -- Russia
LOVE it. May be too much work in manufacturing for it to be mass produced =(.

What a steamy cuppa tea ;)
By: Donkey Products - Germany

Haha. Feels like something IKEA would sell... <3
By: Soon Mo Kang

"My product should be so well designed my customers have people stealing it from them"
Words of a true package designer.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Little Mok attended her first live auction yesterday-- thoroughly entertained to say the least.

Clancington, Shafs and I def thought that we should hire an auctioneer over a band for the year end show. =D?

On the other hand, VERY interesting as to what was up for auction...
I'm just not sure how i feel about someone... caressing an infant in front of me.
$2000 was how much it was sold for. You ball geeks wudda peed your pants.

Gotta love em asians.

My aunt decided to show me how she cuts oranges today. According to her, it tastes better.
What a minimalist -- makes everything cubey
Slash. I just realized how much I like making happy faces out of food.
I hope this was meant to be ONE cake. Cause, this is a GENIUS idea. What a selection.
NOTE: My coming birthday, this is IT. (mango, cheese and fruit embedded)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


i. am. exhausted.
felt like i haven't blogged in forever...
it's been a day.
blog about today tomorrow. In the meantime!

oh post-its. bittersweet post-its.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Suddenly remembering my Grade 11 Consumer Design class I just got a whoof of the obsessive times we went through doing typography.
Slash. I think I found something a few RSIDs can smile about ;)
- - -
By: Roeland Otten

These are the prototypes which are made from lacquered MDF. Ideally when mass produced they'll be using a LDPE plastic moulding technique instead therefore usable outdoors and in.
For more, click -------------> here.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

imma blog about this.

I'm pretty sure basketball players shave their heads for better aerodynamics.
Just a thought.

stop time addiction.

"Her Morning Elegance"
By: Oren Lavie

fluffy, giggles, teeheeehees x 10000

martha for the day.

Lessons of the day: I'm not Martha Stewart. Doesn't matter how hardcore I am cramming a million editions of "House & Home"

Regardless, I had to make do with my lack of decorator and my day revolved around it.

7 hours & about 13 stores later. I came home with a good $500 worth of goodies.

Do I know if it'll match and go well?
Def not.
Lets just keep our fingers crossed that I won't be the hugest laughing stalk of the show.

- - -

Meanwhile I still desperately try to find myself a decent job that doesn't pretend that dishwashing is a design responsibility.

b l a h .

Monday, May 24, 2010

burn that money.

Happy Fireworksssss Day~


It's funny to look at old photographs. The memories they hold, the feelings they contain, and best of all, the snippet of the relationships that are caught frozen.

At the end of the day, these frozen memories are just moments captured in a ever turning world.

Then you sit and realize.
Things are always going to be different in the present.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

leg spasms.

My leg is tired from watching this.

KLM, Dutch Airlines promoting their how comfortable they're new economic seats are.

Performed by: Ramana (Dutch Magician)

overpriced plastic -- so good.

For those of you that don't know, I have an obsession with miniature plastic things... mainly food. Something about them makes me giggle. Like actually though, I can't contain my excitement when I see those things. Ask one like Viv Cheng that's been in a store like that with me. 'Re-ment' creates my mini food models that satisfy my craving for the bigger hunks of vinyl of I do not have $ for.

Display case needed.

Be@rbrick x OriginalFake

Serious times. Originalfake collaboration toys never disappoint.

I remember when I saw the 'Wonderwall x OriginalFake' collabo.... I peed/jizzed all over that excitement jolting plastic. Like for rrreeeallll-- I need to get on learning Japanese if I ever wanna work for 'Wonderwall'.

For you kids who think this is soooooo asian of me, please note creater: KAWS, real name: Brian Donnelly, New Yorker.


Wonderwall x OriginalFake x Be@rbrick
I wish to one day own a huge ass room. All white with 0.3" thick lines grids on all walls... and in each little cubey.... will be a collectible plastic toy.

I think I just died a little fantasizing.

eat my dimsum.

My family has a horrid habit of over ordering. For some reason they always assume cow like tendencies.

So today we decided on a smarter way of fairly dishing em out (get it? get it?!?!). We decided to "chai mui" aka. HK drinking games.

So instead of getting hammered, you eat.

Result: Never seen 9 adults be so intense over a few games of "15, 20" and "Rock, Paper, Scissors". :).

Fried shrimp dumpling.
Basically looks like a sack of gold.

wheres the recycling bin?

I logged into my hotmail today to discover that all my e-mails are GONE. DELETED. NO WHERE TO BE FOUND.

Wtf hotmail? Who made you the boss to delete all my probably possibly useless crap I like to keep in my inbox?!

I. Am. Outraged.

characteristically chic.

And they do it again. 'Tokidoki' does it again with yet another line of collectible goodies, this time around found at-- Sephora.

All you Sephora-ites slash make-up collectors should add this to the list of to-buys. Super cute novelties.

For those of you that don't follow this street graphic phenomenon. Tokidoki has numerous ridic collabos under their belt:

Tokidoki for LeSportsac (possibly their most well known collaboration)

Let's be real. The fob graphics come across a lot more chic than you would expect. And not going to lie, definitely guilt of owning more than one of these pieces.

Tokidoki for Skullcandy

Should almost be instinct to be merging statement headphone to statement graphics... IIIII WANNNTTT.

Tokidoki for Fujitsu Netbooks

x Hello Kitty

Tokidoki x Marvel Comics

Tell me who needs a size sticker when you got instead Ironman chillin' on the underside of yo hat?

for Levis

Tokidoki x Mimobot
USB keys, of course comes in all various sizes. Your insufficient 1gb up to 8gb (I believe...)

- - -

...and my personal fave...

* * *


...and if you somehow don't know who he is...
just kill yourself (or click here)

Basically, in my opinion, epitome of a smart graphic brand. Versatile, distinct and playful.
When you have your token style and your token base. Everything is a matter of continuing and being flexible.
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