Friday, June 29, 2012

minus Ne-Yo.

Calvin Harris Lets Go music video directed by Vincent Haycock
"Let's Go" / Calvin Harris
directed by Vincent Haycock.

cute shots dude. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

messy room.

don't even know why I think this is cute.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

end of life care-bot.

I don't quite know how to feel about this...

A padded caressing arm and a mechanical recorded voice
designed to guide and comfort dying patients with scripted message.

End of Life Care Machine

I'm pretty sure I'd rather have the people I love around me
rather than a metal arm telling me I'm going to die 
& massage my life away (literally)

But I guess the whole idea is that this robot is able to reenact human social behaviors...
Still, the whole notion is a little too cold and morbid for my liking...


by: Chen - RISD grad

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

don't let me see these at night.

You know those moments at night 
when you swear you just saw something float by 
outside your room in the dark light-less hallway?

I wouldn't wanna see these.

The aim is to get he audience provoked and
forcing them to interact with their environment and the piece itself.

The project 'Glazed Paradise'  was Mark Jenkin's indoor works
involving life-like figures placed throughout the gallery space
meant to freak the crap out encourage reactions.

By using public spaces to find his audience,
he forces people to interact with the environment.
His art is "as much a social experiment as it is an art project"

In my opinion, this is a pretty cute pun urbanites to really
judge the authenticity of their surroundings.
-- People and purses alike.

by: Mark Jenkins

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Microsoft Surface, the iPad x MacBook Air lovechild

It must be the inner Apple fanatic in me that's stopping me from
appreciating this Microsoft tablet-esque product.

Windows 8 Powered "iPad" , the 
Microsoft Surface
-10.6" screen (1366 x 768 resolution)
-Magnetic cover attachment with keyboard & trackpad 
-Full sized USB 3.0
-Display Port 

-Micro SD slot

Soooooooooooo, they basically just made a glorified tablet cover.
The potential one up on this thing.

Regardless, to me this still just looks like a
iPad + MacBook Air love child. 

Keep you posted if my mind changes.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

hold that liquid.

I have an uncanny obsession with cups & tea.

Sure, I only use a max of 4 in my massive collection
but I know I'm going to be one of those people with
no proper/complete tableware set at home
since the odds and ends to acquire are just too many.

The new uprise of tea fanatics gets me excited also.
The uproar of people that love this dried leaf goodness
means that more quirky tea related products are gunna hit the market

This little detail would save my life 1000 times over.
This would totally help me avoid the
"let's pour hot water in the cup and
there goes the teabag suicide style into the cup of scalding water"
Then comes the horrifying,
"I want to retrieve the tag before
 it dissolves in my cup,
but the water is melting my skin"

A Tie Tea Cup  &&  Tea Bag Coffin Saucer
by:  Jonas Trampedach

Time to make inevitable drink spillage into something FUN!
This would be a lifesaver for ANY server trying to serve coffee.

by: Erdem Selek

Unusual Tea Infusers and Creative Tea Infuser Designs (15) 1
Tea Diver

Unusual Tea Infusers and Creative Tea Infuser Designs (15) 2

Infusing & steeping. ALL IN ONE!

Unusual Tea Infusers and Creative Tea Infuser Designs (15) 7
Tea Stick!
Unusual Tea Infusers and Creative Tea Infuser Designs (15) 8
I don't know how much i love the idea of soiling my tea.
Unusual Tea Infusers and Creative Tea Infuser Designs (15) 10
Holding onto dear life, a short circuit destiny.

Friday, June 22, 2012

playing with your food pt.2

Creativity has a place everywhere. 
This might just be the better way to trick children into
eating their veggies.

Tomato mountains, beet lifting to pepper gliding.
HEHEE I'd never finish my meal.

by: Boguslaw Sliwinski

more past food funs -->here &&& hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, June 21, 2012

photographic axo plans.

yup fellow RSID-ers.
Mok's cheap/bootleg version of a plan is now a photographic phenomenon.

If only J.Iri saw it the same way when I tried to pull the same stunt for 
replacing the 'plan' of my Jorgensen with a top view render.... 


by: Menno Aden

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

masculin injection.

Simple & Monochrome
with a hint of sporty FLAVA

-- that is your Alexander Wang 2013 Resort Collection

Alexander Wang 2013
Resort Collection

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