Monday, December 16, 2013

so THAT'S what the hole's for.

All these new patisseries and bakery seem to be focusing 
on not only the artisinal side of things but also the delicacy of 
each little piece of sugary fluff. 

This is 'Chök', The Chocolate Kitchen.
As you can imagine alluded by the name,
this whole thing is chocolate products.
2 chök

1 chök

3 chök

5 chök

6 chök

4 chök

7 chök

8 chök
9 chök

10 chök

11 chök

12 chök
..Tell me this isn't the most intuitive thing in the world.
13 chök

14 chök

15 chök
16 chök

17 chök

18 chök

19 chök

20 chök

21 chök

22 chök
23 chök

Artisanal & Authentic. 

'Chök', The Chocolate Kitchen --Barcelona
by: espluga+associates

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

matching is overrated.

If only it didn't breach confidentiality agreements
I'd show y'all my new work work and how MANY
 mismatched chairs are in these spaces.
So before you symmetrical geeks
get all over my ass about this, here's some 
giggle worthy images for you to chew over.




 Such a perfect way for those that are like me 
and can't decide on anything to make 
their cute little space look -- cute.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just Do It... like Carvaggio

The new motion of modern logos & old school fine art
is super intriguing. Maybe all them hiphop artists *coughJay-Ziloveyoucough*
either jump started it all or just hopped on the bandwagon early.

Regardless, I love that my years of Art History 
is making all this new age Pop Culture all the more
giggly & enjoyable for me :) 




 more @:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

escape to being Ariel.

I remember going through school
and all 4 years were these amazingly dreamt up projects
of people living/working/jammin' 
up in the clouds of down underwater.

Well now here's another one,
except this time it's real life.

This is the Manta Resort.
A Multi-room horel that's just chillin' in the middle
of the Indian Ocean next to the island of Pemba.
 (take me there right now)
With 3 different levels:
Above water & close to the stars
Surface level - deck
This is essentially a little man-made island for
guests to soak in (no pun intended) the amazing scenic views from
all possible angles.  

The photos are not a "I-had-to-camp-here-for-hours-to-see-a-seahorse"
sort of deal.  The waters are ample with sea creatures and sealife
leaving Instagram moments not hard to come by
(though #latergram will be needed since I don't think there 
is Wi-Fi.... underwater...)
I haven't quite figured out if this is a location people
swim to or if a little boat takes you there...
But who cares, if you don't know how to swim
this destination is sure to change your mind.

'The Manta Resort'
by: Mikael Genberg [of Genberg Underwater Hotels]
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