Monday, August 30, 2010


Finally another video feeding into my PES type crazes!

"Food about you" - Festival d'Annecy 2010
by: Alexandre Dubosc

for similar productions....
:) <3> & wheeee.

Friday, August 27, 2010


At the low expense of a blue $5 bill, you can have the convenience of a
water fountain IN YOUR OWN HOME!
(comes in 11 colours)

Oh, the simple pleasures in life.

...Well.... not my life.
I have a mental obstacle to overcome when it comes to tap water.
It doesn't matter how clean you tell me it is, or how Dasani is also tap water.
The thoughts of water fountains and taps make me feel auto diarrhea.
Let's be real here, I'm no germ-o-phobe, but tap water... EEEEEK.

With just one squeeze you can change the direction of
water flow and have it shoot upwards & now allowing you
to drink some H2O without shoving you head in the sink.

...And let's be real, we've all done it.

Tapi Tapi Squeeze Drink Fountain.
by: DreamFarm[...]

empty calories.

This reminds me of my childhood fave show... 'ART ATTACK'.
Everyday things were used as the "paint" and a giant open space of was the "canvas".

Good. Flippin'. Times.

'Faux Food'

photographed by: David Sykes
model maker: Ridley West
prop provider: Jennie Webster

Here's a sense of scale-- the plate is 4 feet.

Shot in one 5 x 4 transparency.

light @ the end of the tunnel.

i can see it, the end....

jolts of excitement run through my veins as i try to decide
what great adventures to take on the following week.
MIND YOU, this is the ONLY week of which I can call REAL summer.

Today is the my last day at work.
As upset as I am now going to go into non-income mode,
I'm ecstatic that I can finally get some bronzing happening.

I am missing my flipflop tan and ideally I would like to get that
'V' shape seared on SOON TIMES.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

daddy daycare.

BBC presents basically told the story of little Michelle's life.
All of my childhood horror stories involved my dad and
something about him not paying attention.

Let's not dwell on past times, he pays plenty of attention now =P.

A BBC Comedy Sketch @ Family life
Mommy gets the Ice Cream while Daddy's on childcare duty.

eye slapped.

If eyes could bite & looks could kill--
these shades would be your ultimate weapon.

The Wayfarer trend isn't about to die anytime soon,
but with the mass amounts of people all (trying) to rock them,
how shall youset yourself apart from the regulars?


This new line of one-off shades is a "high camp x one-of-a-kind" type collection.

Starting at the not-so-wallet-killing $50, the designers say that its just
the right price for something to be treasured but always tend to break...
you know, by sittin on em' (and i totally second that).

These Wayfarer styles are studded, chained, grommeted, painted, splattered...
just basically not the same as the pair as little Jimmy's next door.

Tough Breaker #1
Tough Breaker #2 Sunset Breaker Candy Cane Breaker

"Your accessories should always the loudest thing about you."
- Roman Milisic (co-founder of House of Diehl)

'Diehl Breakers'
by: House of Diehl
(Roman Milisic & Mary Jo Diehl)

The new upcoming collection features hand-drawn artwork.
For more Diehl-y fun ----> :)

russian roulette.

Even loooking at the image above gets me nervous.

7 years ago, Florian Jenett and Valentin Beinroth decided to make
50 tinted ice gunsand plop them around downtown Frankfurt.
The colour on those things were so legit, they made the ice weapons look real.

Project "Freeze!" resurfaces in 2010, difference is version two-point-oh has the ice being yummers.

This time around, you can play Russian Roulette in various flavours:
licorice (yuck.), cola & cherry.

I don't know about you.
But I'm still getting chillllls (pun!) looking at that....

by: Florian Jenett & Valentin Beinroth

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

dear summer.

Dear Summer,
Your presence has been greatly unexploited these past few months.
I do not look forward to the days of which:

-shorts cannot be worn past 6:00pm,
- swimming at 4:30pm will no longer give you a tan,
- & having a (few) beer midday will be reconsidered alcoholism.

To my surprise, I really want the option of swimming open.
A physical activity that doesn't seem all that viable in the winter time.
(I know that there's indoor pools, but that almost seems like cheating.)

I do not look forward to tucking away my short shorts, ripped denim & white tops
only to resume the lifestyle of leggings, jeans & all black everything.

how can you not stand in awe.

Its been at least 2 weeks since my legs have been attacked by
, poison, genetically mutated, mosquitos
...Godzilla's descendants.

Since my marks and reminders from the Perseids night is not
all washed away, I figured sharing this video with you folks
would be appropriate.

Just yet another reminder of how awesome
this entire universe/thing really is. A note as to how happy we
should be just to be a part of this great big picture :)

'Joshua Tree Under the Milky Way'

Timelapse Video-- Aug 12-Aug15,2010
PERSEIDS METEOR SHOWER @ Joshua Tree National Park.

by: Henry Jun Wah Lee
music: Samskeyti (by: Sigur Ros)

19th century b&w.

2 late nights + 6 En Massers = 1 charming little cafe.

Galleries, picturesque streets, boutiques all within a 19th century looking
neighbourhood houses this newly re-spunked out cafe in the heart of 'Old Montreal'

EN MASSE is a non-profit organization that finds up and coming Montreal
artists to collaborate on various design things. (generally their ginormous & spontaneous b+w murals & public installations)
I absolutely ADORE this style.
This Japanese street art, hip hop, funk, mural-ish things.
En Masse reminds me of Japanese art group Rinpa Eshidan [vidlink]

Now if i ever go to Montreal this is a MUST visit spot.
Just like if I ever get a chance to I want to go to the 'Tokyo Bar' in Manhattan

'le petit cafe'
mural-ed out by: En Masse

p.s. they make tees too.
check em out @

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


2 baby Lesser Hedgehog Tenrecs.

Despite their misleading name theyre NOT hedgehogs.
Completely different family of mammals.

math x art.

i HATE these cubes.
this is the new age geek art.

As awesome as i DO find this, there's a certain cringe and twist in my stomach when i see those things. I think it might be because I've never been able to solve one of those cubes.

Actually, I lied.
I have been able to solve one of these... BY MERE FORCE
I recall being so aggravated once that I just BROKE IT.
Just smashed em'.
Worked like a charm.

by: Space Invader
(Yup. That's what he calls himself.)

window on your wrist.

Before the times of watches and sundials,
the ancient people probably told the time by simply looking at the sky.
Mind you, I'm sure there was no urban glow or haze making it a million times easier anyways.

Reverting to oldschool-ness, the re-designed "Time of the Sky II" watch helps
you tell the time by showing the user a piece of our awesome atmosphere.

The watch is programmed to display a different shade of
blue/black (every few seconds) referring to the real sky at the time.
Now these different shades of blue really aren't going to help
you figure out the exact hour of day.
This watch ain't just conceptual, it's practical...ish.
A button on the side when pressed displays either a
sun or a moon indicating hour clock direction.

We're so swarmed with our day-to-day activities, issues,
problems, and never ending thoughts.
Maybe if we all just stopped and simply looked up,
we can see how small all these things are
... and maybe even learn to let go and carry on.

'we are always looking at some kind of window,
on the computer, mobile phone

and so on. and now a small window on one's arm...'

'Time of the Sky II'
by: Ryohei Yoshiyuki x Tomoya Kahimada (media artist)

[heeeeeeeeeerrrrreeeeeeeeee for 'Time of the Sky I']

Monday, August 23, 2010

that's what you get for being pervy.

What do you get when you put a bunch of
hormone driven males and a 'pretty' girl getting freaky on webcam...

... that's right. scream your little lungs out little one.
Thought u were gunna see naked things for free.

Campaign for 'The Last Exorcism' --USA.
Agency: Unknown

crunch(ie) time.

Breakfast: 'Crunchie Chocolate Bar' & Orange Pekoe Tea (wish it was green)
t-5 days until my employment is over.

i'm done and have ONE week worth of what i can potentially call TRUE summer.

I need more $.
I need to punk this office laptop and use 3Ds Max to do some renderings for the portfolio.
What if my friends flop and I have a crappy week off?!

life, why must you be so multi-faceted?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

cloudy day.

Yet another Saturday.
Difference is, this Saturday little Mok had no concrete plans.

After mucho attempts of going out and doing something, having an abundance of working friends ,or friends in relationships doesn't help the cause.

But to my pleasant surprise, curling up catching up on my subscriptions of
'Interior Design' & 'FRAME' wasn't so shabby.

Popping on some Janice Vidal [...].
Curling up on the soft leather.
Open mag on my lap.
& a cup of 'Zen' green tea.

Feelin' good.
& a little cultured/classy ;)

Friday, August 20, 2010

dear hacker, you best be 12.

for being blog M.I.A. this past week. I have been exhausted to the core for some reason.


for all you folks that still read it (yes i keep track) n check up on this little guy.
PROMISE next week i'll resume to the postation insanity.

* * *

this morning i found out that SOMEHOW my MSN stopped working.
Who you are? I do not know.... but i'm nottttt impressed at all...
Who the hell hacks into e-mail accounts anyways in the 21st century?

The devastation I was going through when I thought my hotmail was lost was UNFATHOMABLE.
Never did i think my hotmail meant that much to me.

& since I made my e-mail when I was 10.
All my information was fake.
You know, cause your parental units always told you to keep your info to yourself.

Regardless, I somehow guessed my secret question & now..

Thursday, August 19, 2010

since when?

[from jav's]

I remember the excitement that used to rush through my veins whenever I got a form for a field trip.
This meant no class and running around with your friends.
I recall the joys of going to overnight camps with friends,
the sharing circles, the bonding moments, the jokes and everything in between.

Then I started to be reminded of those trips that you started to plan on your own,
the trips you can control over. The ones where you and your friends
were GUARANTEED to have a good time together. The late nights that no one minded.

As 4th year is coming closer and closer, I'm starting to realize these moments
and opportunities are going to be gone in no time.
Jobs, work, family will all be our responsibility before we know it.
I want to cease these moments and make the fullest out of my time.
We're all growing up. We're all filling out schedules and agendas with things
that are very individualized, things that make US happy sometimes not things we could share.

...Seems that we are forgetting the simple laughs and moments
with our friends.

People say your pool of friends shrink as you grow older,
the people you know will start diminishing and you start to reminisce more into your past.

We're still young, this IS the past were suppose to look back on.
Let's seize the moment & recreate Kodak moments again.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

more than just dog walking.

This is Jensen Kimmitt.
He won the 2010 World YoYo Contest.
His Yoyo? 'The NorthStar'

by: YoYoFactory

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

connect the auditory dots.

by: Everyone- collabo with WNYC's Radiolab&NPR
directed by: Daniel Mercadante & Will Hoffman

The power of words, the links between them & an illustration as
to how everything in life ties together.
How many dots can you connect?
So reminiscent of personal Gr12 Journal Project--'Click'.

the secret is in the tip.

They say, "good things come in small packages". 110% true.
I have had many things in my life that are bursting with joy, love and surprise--
all in compact little packages.

Plus its the small things in life that require immaculate amounts of detail & attention.
Therefore if you can master the art of the little things the big things
will automatically take care of itself :)

I absolutely adore everything miniature.
Ask my mommzie. Ever since I was little I've obsessed over things that were smaller:
models, fake foods, infants. If you were small i loved you.

Exploiting his natural steady hands hes uses a razor blade,
a sewing needle and a sculpting knife to create this miniature carved
graphite sculptures. From a month or 2... to a few years. each of these piece
use a lot more eye muscle than imaginable.

Mad detail in every one of these pieces.

An HB pencil can be soo much more than the designated tool for Scantron bubbling.
An ultimate transformation of creativity from everyday objects.

by artist: Dalton Ghetti-- Connecticut, USA
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