Saturday, July 31, 2010

inanimate dirtiness.

Don't know why I keep running across these, or why making dirty
videos with seemingly innocent objects is the new thing.

Well whatever the reasons are, here it is... and it did make me laugh.

When I hear somebody sigh,
"Life is hard," I am always tempted to ask,
"Compared to what?"

- Sydney J. Harris

Often we complain that life is sucky and never do anything to change
it. I guess in the end if you can't make action to correct the drops in your life
you don't really deserve to be happy... right?

Friday, July 30, 2010

mobile couch potatoes.


Although I am quite content that today feels like a one day work week. It's like I scored the jackpot in life and got the whole workday/weekend ratio flipped over.

I thought this was something nice, cute and kinda fun for everyone to see.
If you've dreamt of being a couch potato your whole life.
This would be THE thing to make your dreams a reality.

Nick Homer and Stewart Clyde

p.s. 'DREAMT' is underlined as a non-existent word...WHAT THE HECK?!

how to REALLY be a fish.

For all you asian folks out there, I know you've all seen those fish tanks in
Chinese "Seafood" Restaurants (Jau Lao).
The half grime infested tank where the fish (and occasional lobster)
are just doing their thing prior to being devoured by you with salty soy goodness.

...THIS pool reminds me of that--minus the getting devoured part.

A raised pool is not usually the type of pool one is used to seeing which
makes this exposure so much more alluring.

Now imagine skinny dipping in that...

by: Andres Remy Architects
- - -

Same idea, but instead of peering out to your backyard underwater,
you get your basement.

'The Slice House'
by: Procter-Rihl-- Brazil
(more info on ^ -->here)

contain my 4% goodness.

2 nights ago, I encountered a difficult situation,
one of which I presume many of us have been in before.

"What do you do with a beer you can't finish?"

Sadly I was holding a tallboy and a 710ml Bud. Neither one of these options could have been rescued by this bright little invention.

These silicone beer caps will keep your beer fresh even after opening them.
For 8 bucks you get 6 of them in different colours.

...Although I just realized...when do we EVER have beer left over?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

chap city.

Dear RSIDs, forget decorating the ledges @ the studio with empty vitamin
water bottles. They are now a purchase of the past, let's deck it out with the lip chap.
Vitamin Schtick by Vitamin Water.
8 flavours with SPF 20.
Question is, is it actually vitamin-ized?

you are fiiiiine.

Ad Campaign for 'Pilot Fine Point Ball Pens'
by: GREY Group -- Barcelona

These are some gangsta' fabulous lego people.

LOVE miss tramp stamp at the beginning there.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

deconstructing genius.

ZAHA HADID (...) x 'Supermatism' (...)

'Galerie Gmurzynska' in Zurich, an exhibition designed & curated by Zaha Hadid herself.
The entire exhibition is of Zaha Hadid's works alongside early 20th century Russian art.

The exhibit showcases this Pritzker Prize winning architect's love for Russian
Avant-Garde art; drawing similarities between the bodies of work.

Striking and contrasting explosions of graphics in the entrance space. Something that probably would look bad in a rendering but fantastic in person/photograph.

There's something about bold graphics in an interior space that
makes it scream "BAM" and fresh.
The undeniable links between Suprematist artists and Hadid are present through her entire
career starting with her very own grad project in makes me laugh when people look at this and imagine it to be art works of the
current day, how it looks sci-fi and all when really this kinda art and funk has been
around for the past 100. & if u wondered if these "blobs" were just "blobs" they're really not, they all had real social and political meaning/substance.

'Galerie Gmurzynska Zurich'
by: Zaha Hadid Architects
(to read more...)


My heart, I swear, stopped just watching the clip.
World champion free diver, Guillaume Nery launches himself into
the deepest blue hole in the world....Dean's Blue Hole @ 202 metres/663 ft. deep.

No tanks, just ONE breath.

His partner in crime is French champion, Julie Gautier. Shooting the entire the thing with a Canon 5D mark II, also holding her breath the entire time. PSYCHO TALK.

Diver: Guillaume Nery
Recorder: Julie Gautier

can i get your barcode?

Good technology & innovations often change our habits and social etiquette.
Blackberry's have definitely altered the game of pick-up.

We have come so far in terms of how to communicate catch phrases.
From the classic, "Can I get your number?" to
"Can I get your MSN?"
to "Can I get your Facebook?"
to the new, and almost always applicable...

... "Can I scan your barcode?"

(for those of you that don't know what that means. All BB's have a unique barcode of which other BBs can recognize. Instead of adding someone on BBM via their pin we are now able to just "scan" the others person's barcode)
Taking this new trend to mind, ROLLOUT features @ the Toronto (WOOHOO!) Design Exchange (DX), QRious Paper.

ROLLOUT, looking to reinvent the museum experience integrated QR barcodes, the new BB phenomenon. QR barcodes emerged in Japan as a easy way to keep track of SKUs and quick retreiving of information. (to learn more click )

When scanning these codes with cell phone cameras, thess QR codes will bring up various websites of which we draw inspiration/information from. Apps such like the QR App is downloadable for those that don't cameras with such a capability *cough*iPhones*cough*.

Scan a few and see where it brings you....but only if your QRious enough ;)

Exhibit @ the Toronto Design Exchange until Oct10,2010

trip me out.

Imagine playing laser quest in this place.
Imagine Justene Jaro + Nike Air Max 90 Infrareds in THIS ROOM.

What an installation piece, one that screams sensory overload.

by: Sam Songailo

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I was told a little while ago (like 20 minutes) that my writing
is a tad hard to comprehend.

Interesting. I think that is due to the fact that my blog is identical
to the way I think.Words and thoughts "scribbled" (ha!) out without a filter,
or proof reading.

Maybe that's something I'll give a shot.

so what if i don't like wearing pants.

for those of you that make fun of me for:
a) not "wearing" pants
b) "pretending" realizing that a top is actually a dress

I would like to proclaim loud and proud that:

The following looks generated WORLDWIDE by fellow long shirt lovers.
must. hunt. shirt. down.
nothing i'd ever be able to rock without reminding someone
of Magritte or a mime.
sheer beauty.those nylons are def 60 denif i was white, this would be adorableeeee.
but since i am very much asian i will most likely be shipped back to the
motherland if spotted in such an outfit.

In my opinion, shirt dresses are 100% socially acceptable.

So stop making fun of me people. Clearly i just tapped into a really cute type
of outfit a little earlier then the rest of you. ;)

all looks via []

360 kitty.

some of the most epic collectibles are cross-breeds.
my first recollection of something pretending to be something else was HELLO KITTY.. in duck & bunny & frog costumes.

No lie, i have all 3 @ home. Then came the explosion of those Winnie the Pooh things.
- - -

Hello Kitty's pretty grandma. Created in 1975, she still is on top charts
for favorite cartoon characters of all times.

Maybe its cause those Sanrio Folks know how to cater to the ever aging Kitty loving crowd.

i want.
or a collection of dunny and munnnys....
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