Thursday, August 11, 2011

mok's to-make.

Whale Tissue Box.
Or i could buy it for $39.99.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a 1970s italy.

Finally uploading the last of my Europe albums.
I miss that place more than anything.

Looking for (yet again) more ideas for the room,
I now rummage across a 1970s Italian styling.

Opposite of the typical minimal Swedish design,
the stylist's fascination with Interior Deco is now
transforming clients lkea, H&M, John Lewis and NK
to houses of vintage, texture and intrigue.

Please await for the table that caused me one of the
largest eye-gasms this summer.

^ eyegasm.
oh my golly gosh.-- b e a u t i o u s.

by: Mattias Nyhlin-- Stockholm, Sweden

Monday, August 8, 2011


Loading Image
240 sheets of plywood.

'Hermes' display for 135 Elizabeth Street, Sydney.
by: Kylie Stillman Yamadori

frosty surprise.

On these bipolar, but still verrrrry much hot days
the trinket-y sounds of an Ice-Cream truck is enough to get you
excited & to ignore all the sweat that is to come
as you bolt for that burst of coolness.

The only thing I can think of better than the unanticipated truck
is a pop-up icecream store that basically gets you smiling
at the sight of it.

Dri Dri at St Martins Lane by Elips Design

Yellow & white accents teleport to a seaside that
is just the perfect balance of hot and cold.

Dri Dri at St Martins Lane by Elips Design

Dri Dri at St Martins Lane by Elips Design

Dri Dri at St Martins Lane by Elips Design

Dri Dri at St Martins Lane by Elips Design

Pink chairs and 2d parasols complete your little fantasy
(now what boggles me is the totally non-summer attire the the people were in...)

Dri Dri at St Martins Lane by Elips Design

Frosty exterior alluding to the frosty goods it contains.

Thumbs up for the branding.

Dri Dri at St Martins Lane by Elips Design

'Local Italian Gelato' by Dri Dri
(Pop-up Ice-cream stall @ St Martins Lane Hotel)
-- London, UK

interior by: Elips Design

Sunday, August 7, 2011

disposable treats.

It's quite sad really...
I've noticed that lately, everything around me is disposable

But just cause something doesn't seem worth it,
doesn't mean that we should try it or do it...

Merging the old-school handmade craft with modern disposable-ness.

One time only but still intricate <3.

by: Anna Zofia Borowska

Saturday, August 6, 2011

daily encounters.

Damn you alarm!

oh life.

Friday, August 5, 2011

elegance lies in simplicity.

There is nothing more gorgeous than simple lines & structure.

Ania Kuczynska's
L'Avventura Fall/Autumn 2011/2012 collection
introduces some pretty sweet basic based accessories.
Thisssss is the winner in my eye.
I won't even bother with the price tag--
thank goodness for the look

As weet as their accessories are, not a word of a lie
they're collections are pretty nice also...

Only problem is the female model sort of reminds me
of the chicks one would see in a horror film.....
that girl's gaze could rip through your soul.

S/S 2011
'Sacre Du Printemps'

Thursday, August 4, 2011

budget constraints.

i love being frugal because it also forces one to be creative.

P3 armchair by Recession Design. RD design objects have the common characteristic of being made from materials easily available in DIY shops and assembled using everyday tools.

Recession Design makes objects from everyday tools
& easily manipulable materials :).

The poor man's material shop is the best one
cause that is how you'll get to reeeeallllyyyy think
out of the b o x .


'P3 Armchair'
by: Recession Design

soft. warm. &fluffy.

Mugtail Animal Mug

Mugtail Animal Mug

Mugtail Animal Mug

What ever fur ball fluffs ur fancy.
rabbit or squirrel.

Each at $20 a pop.
buy here.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

God save McQueen.

Reminiscent to the tragic loss in Feb2010.
A range of talents have come together to continually
praise & spread his genius and works.

Babette Pauthier is a chick with quite a bang.
Her works range from fashion to portraiture to landscapes...
but her kick at photography and fine arts is what
brings us these images that glorify McQueens
contributions to the fashion world over this dwelling death.



Director: Babette Pauthier // Cinematographer : Benoit Soler // Editing and Compositing : Edouard Mailaender // Color Grading : Mosh̩ Dichi // Assistants : Robert Outch and Matt Cutts // Music : Anonyme РConfitemini Domino (1), Vincent Dumestre // Lighting : Prolighting // Studio : The Second Floor // All fashion by Alexander McQueen.
The eulogy-esque qualities of this whole thing is pretty ironic.
Such a reflection of the designer's original inspiration & well.. you know.


'MET' Museum-- New York
by: Babette Pauthier

turn it...

(see the pun there?! SEE IT!?? SEEE ITTTT?!??!)

This charging tap charges pretty much anything that
has a USB connector-- cellphones, digital cameras
& of course, all them Apple products.

Plug it in, turn the tap.
Too cute.

by: Qi Weijia

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

swatch X kidrobot.

I am having a jizzzzzzz-fest just looking at images
of these plastic moulds of happiness.

I can't imagine a better combination of graphic/industrial
extravaganza than this. I WANTT ONE SOOOO BADLLYYYY.

For those poor souls that don't know the magic orgasms
of Dunny and Munnys (please educate urself now && now)
Dunny is Kidrobot's iconic & highly collected vinyl bunny toy.
Swatch, pairing up with Kidrobot release a series of 8 Gents
each of course with their complimentary 3" Dunny.

'Swatch x Kidrobot' Gent Watches

designs by: Gary Baseman, Jeremyville, Frank Kozik,
Joe Ledbetter, MAD, Tara McPherson, SSUR, && Tilt.

I. Cannot. Wait. Till. SEPTEMBER 1ST.
Swatch, I'm coming for you.
(specifically the pink one. i'm dying from uncontainable appreciation)

Monday, August 1, 2011

throwback (foot)prints.

Turn a quick corner and peer into the world of...
'The Mad Decent' Crew.

From clothes to mix tapes. Their funkay-licious outbursts have
come up with various club-appropriate mixes
(yup, the type that you whip your hair to after a few too many drinks)

Presented by the shoe company, PRO-Keds,
got these little L.A. Jammers to release where they're heading
and what their bobbing heads will be up to.

Mad Decent Products.
Mad Decent Jams.
Diplo - Horsey by diplomaddecent

i could live like this.

In the current Toronto heat I'm not sure who in their right
mind would want to pull a Tarzan and live outside.

BUT in Brazillllllllll its a whole other story,
with the nice fresh breeze combing through your hair,
& the mild warmth of the sun keeping your body temperature fine
lying down in a hammock seems nothing short of paradise.

To my fellow RSID alumnis (awww yeah!),
this is such a non-cheesy execution of the
"outside-in, inside-out" / "one with nature" /
"really trying to erase the boundaries
between the interior and nature"
(don't lie. we've all done it.) b.s.
We always manage to con people into thinking we believe.

Loft 24/7 residence is the epitome of Tarzan the billionaire,
waaaaaay classier than the treehouse.

2700 sq ft of limestone, rough stone, steel, glass, && wood paneling.
...oh so modernista.

'Loft 24/7'-- Sao Paulo, Brazil
shown @ 'CasaCor' exhibition

by: Fernanda Marques
more of that piece of mind here

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