Wednesday, August 20, 2014

sand package.

" 沙砾礼物盒:
sand-made packaging re-establishes the ritual of discovering a gift
and the concept of sustainable packaging.
As an answer to the increase of waste in modern society, we have developed a material using one of earth’s most abundant natural resources, sand, to create packaging for precious gifts."

 sand packaging 01.jpg

 sand packaging 33.jpg

 sand packaging 35.jpg

sand packaging 38.jpg sand packaging 34.jpg

 sand packaging 37.jpg

 sand packaging 14.jpg

 sand packaging 15.jpg

 sand packaging 16.jpg

 sand packaging 27.jpg

 sand packaging 24.jpg

 sand packaging 21.jpg

 sand packaging 31.jpg

 sand packaging 32.jpg

 Such an interesting idea... I totally want to get my hands on one of these things and
feel how substantial it might be.  If I didn't know better though, I'd think these were
some sort of graham yummy contraption...

- - - 

by: Alien and Monkey
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