Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chanel everyday, The Chanel Supermarket

Chanel taking a dip into average day life set out
to turn the Grand Palais into a Chanel branded Supermarket
for their Ready-To-Wear F/W 2014 runway show.

Sneaker-wearing supermodels
(which probably has their assistants going to a place like this)
strut through the aisles with double 'C'
shopping baskets & carts in the midst of
500 Chanel-branded products & package design
created specially for the occasion.

Chanel signature and tweed locks equipping all the shopping carts

No detail was spared,
from the tweed padlocks to the exit symbol featuring
a typical personal symbol armored with a Chanel trademark jacket.

Everything was as average and true to a supermarket as can be,
 seating was disguised as upturned cartons with packaging tape
just to make sure you caught the drift.

Not only did the visual ambiance resemble
(an extremely primary colour themed)
supermarket, but the soundtrack was also frequently interrupted
by a promotion on "Noix de Coco" (coconuts) or that
a little girl was waiting for mom at the checkout.

500 separate packages amounted to
100,000 items in this mockup supermarket.
Product pun filled product range included:
  • Jambon Cambon (the address of Chanel's first boutique in Paris)
  • Coco Pop cereal
  • Chanel N°9 eggs (french pun fun-  (n)oeufs= 9) <--why french="" i="" li="" took="">
  • Lait de Coco (coconut milk)
  • Mademoiselle Cognac 
  • Cocoquillettes pasta

    Not everything was on the delicious front,
    like a real supermarket the gritty stuff had to be taken care of too:
  • Coco Carbone car oil
  • Coco Detergents
  • Coco feather dusters 
  • Coco Doormats

"A supermarket is for everybody, the rich included," said Chanel's main man Karl Largerfeld.

"It's a modern approach to luxury. If you're lucky enough to be able to buy these things,
buy them,
but don't wear them to show how rich you are....
The big thing in Chanel is that we can play with everything
and do whatever we want.
Nobody tells us what to do, we are totally free."

Preach Largerfeld Preach!
Don't flaunt folks, just appreciate.

All the items were initially designed for a charity auction...
this is what ACTUALLY happened to them... 
(what actually happened)
If you don't want to bother with the French in the above link,
basically things were "snatched" by obsessive fashionitas -- understandable.

p.s. did mention KENDALL JENNER  walked the show?!
that girls needs to get out of this world.
I am too jealous.

- - - 

Chanel F/W2014 Ready-To-Wear
@ The Grand Palais - Paris


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