Sunday, October 31, 2010

flash disney.

Halloween is now an excuse for people to party and to get hammered.
(not that I'm really complaining too too much)

...its oh so different from what it used to be, FREE CANDY.
Which in my opinion, might actually be better.... Asian instincts after all.

In the spirit of such...
that's right.

virginie dubois

virginie dubois

virginie dubois

virginie dubois

virginie dubois

virginie dubois

virginie dubois

virginie dubois

virginie dubois

by photographer: Viriginie Dubois

This French funk picked up photography on the side as a hobby,
but her splash of playfulness got her spreads in 'Dirrty Glam', 'Vox',
and 'C-Heads' Magazine... all with the baby amount of experience of 2 years.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

oil spill.

Good cause. Great graphic.
Win win situation here guys.

Yes, Oil and water do not mix!

At €150 each, the steep price for this poster comes with a good cause.
ALL. 100%. Of the benefits goes to "Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana"
a non-profit organization that helps restore.. well the coast (go fig.)

200 posters. Limited edition.
Screen printed from the oil collected from the Gulf of Mexico itself.

design by: Anthony Burrill

something like pedophilia.

....he looks like Reggie from Scooby Doo.... Scooby Doo is no longer that funny anymore…


If you're ttthatttt desperate you probabyly should just
make a round at Hooker Harveys and leave the poor pooch alone...

Friday, October 29, 2010

the power of A3

This sounds nerdy, & a little retarded, but this size of paper
has changed my life. 8.5 x 11 is now inferior.

The people at Brother seem to also agree.... and therefore created this little spot:

Agency: Grey-- London, UK

I just realized how I still have almost a full package of
11 x 17 at home... I think its my issues with hand drawing
that have left me with this stash...

...such an awkwardly familiar hour for the past 5 days/nights.

Tonight has to be by far my favourite though.

After 4 years, epiphanies finally decide to hit more than
24 hours before the interim dead line.

I think Michelle circa 2007 is back.

Thank. Fricken. Goodness.

p.s. I'm pretty sure tapping into my Asian roots by listening to HK radio really makes my brain juices flow.
sssooooo guud! *peace*
[wanna try?]

Thursday, October 28, 2010

always a second late.

...story of my life.

repeat x 31

This might be old... but that's alright =).

Since last Saturday I have listened to this song non-stop.
Not a word of a lie.
At least 31 times... since the last time I checked anyways.

"Beautiful Bliss"--
Wale, Melanie & J. Cole

sit on your food.

You know you're fat when you can literally eat everything-- even your couch.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


happy come lucky go.
free spirit without a care.

--sneak peek behind the oridinary--

There was something valuable in my 16 year old self.
There was something valuable in the way my mind was wired and the
paths that my thoughts traveled. Maybe it was a high school thing, you know,when you start to question purpose and direction and life.

I'm not here to question life, I think I've overdone that a little too much lately, but more or less see where that thought process has gone.... or why I might be afraid to expose that... or why I just don't go visit that crevasse in my mind as much anymore.

There's something beautiful about being fragile.

I really have no point to this post... so if you're reading thing for something more than just a journeythrough my train of thoughts, I suggest you exit now =). I might bore you.

Wandering in my mind I find myself having fled from questions, thoughts.As people grow older, were forgetting the glow that's emitted when a person's just so vulnerable,so honest and bare. When caring and loving and experiencing life, don't we all just want to be free of pretensions? Isn't that why people want to bask in the sun naked? To be close and intimate with yourself?

At this green age of just 21, why are so many of us hiding from ourselves. Already working awayat how to best shield us from getting hurt... when maybe, scars help define us of who we are.

I've thought about mistakes too. But nothing is a mistake. You should never feel that.

Somehow entering design school has stopped me from wanting to think conceptually, instead I'vefound myself drenched in the ideas and notions present in mere surface of things. The way that design is now so coated with media and representation has really rubbed off on me.

Enrichies of 2006/07 would NOT be impressed with this version of my brain right now.

Philosophy opens up doors in your mind, its hard to find people to converse about these things with now-a-days. At least, people that truly care about just a good philosophical debate and not just conversing about it for show. A lot of people I find simply don't care I suppose.. not that I blame them, I mean it can come across as a little dry sometimes =P.

I could go on forever, but this needs to stop. I need to figure out some "self-realization/reflection" for the 4D.
I remember thinking that "someday we'll know" and I do know now.

red light scramble.

flashmobs = organized chaosplanned spontaneity.

Flashmob for-- "Peugeot's" "Mu"
by: BETC Euro RSCG (agency), Paris

advertising for a new rental service of Peugeot.


c o n f u s e d
c o n f u s e d

c o n f u s e d ~
(to say the least...)

I shall sit with fingers crossed.


* * *
4:10am-- mist is clear.
luck factor i suppose, or simply miscalculations.

[img courtesy from one of the faves]

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"like an unsupervised 10 year old child"

... direct quote from Laura, describing Fils eating habits.
(still unsure why that kid ain't dead from a heart attack or obese yet)

I've been trying to eat better.

After all that's the only other way aside from over caffeination
to maintain energy level needed to tackle the death called IRN.

In an attempt to do so, I went for some grocery shopping after
a "reviting" revit session (ha. i'm sooooo funny.)

I came home with this:
... I think I need to start buying real food.
(shout out to finding Pork Rinds... mmmmMMMmmm)


Rationale for the 2 desserts: I saw the real fruit bars on sale for 3.99 (C'MON!)
Typically I'm satisfied with one treat in the cart.
I passed by the "Green Tea & Vanilla Honey" Haagendaz @ $3.33.
Plus there's a story attached...

Soooooo, the last time Vee & I went to Metro we spotted the GT
icecream also on sale (for 3.99 though)
I got super excited and screamed,

In a split second a
HUGEEEEE football physiqued man
stand at the cash point yelled back,
"OMG! WHERE?!?!", booked it, & snatched it outta my reach.

...buying the ice cream was, in a way, a small victory against him
in my books.

- - -
But, regardless, I do need to eat better.
I came home, sat down at my desk & all i see is...
I think I need to be supervised.

Monday, October 25, 2010

from my vantage point.

My view for the past 18+ hrs:
2 midterms + 1 project = mok sprawled across 3 drafting tables.
note: study time necessities -- Elisa Frangella <3... and slappy... & maybe Carly Beth

What will be my view for the next....
...until Thursday
the constant variable for the next few days : the S-bucks
the changing element: the mother load of trace on this desk
(ideally, I would want an explosionnnnn)

I would say I'm generally pretty bad admitted and confronting my fears...
...this Thursday though, I'm taking them head on.


[x] get attacked by POL128
[x] then bullied by MUS501
[x] moral debate about IRN attendence
[x] went to Starbucks & accidentally ordered 2 drinks
[x] only paid for one of them
[x] got REAL excited for the free coffee (days lookin' up!)
[x] went home to realize "free" coffee was not free.
.. just punked some poor lady's Starbucks by accident.
[x] blogged about it all... aka procrastination.

[ ] get work done.

i heart...

good packaging gets me every timeeeeeee!
I am completely in love & smitten by the pie holding
Octopus with the cartoon utensils prancing about.

I don't even want to eat the pie (although its supposed to UH-MAY-ZING)
I just want the boxes... or the napkins (which I also assume
are to supppppper adorable..)




... wonder if they sell plushies?

"I Heart Pies"-- in LA.
pie blog =)


The grass will ALWAYS be greener on the other side.

.. but that's only cause you'll never be close enough
to see the weeds and insects running around in the other lawn.

* * *

You always wish for what you can't have-- innate evil instilled in all of us I suppose.

Everything always looks beautiful from far away, just remember
that only because you don't see the the greenery on your end doesn't
mean it doesn't exist~

In the meantime, I think my path is good for cartwheels and fun times.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

holler sujex park.

This video has plagued my life thanks to kellster.

I watch this whenever I have spare time...
I aspire to look like him.

So, Sujexxx.
Get ready.

this must be a warning.

... to my future in obesity.
(I can't stop eating. I ate 6 meals the other day... for fun)

I LOVEEEEE looking at photos of food.
Food photography has to be one of the awesome-est out there.

Each shot tells you the exact ingredients that go into each dish.

Can you guess what each dish is?
(...cause I can't)
[haha! I just re-read my own post.... AND I CAN!]

photographs by: Marina Aurora
[explosions of the lens ---> here <----]

180 minute delay.

Dear politics, music annndd IRN....
please don't rape me too hard tomorrow, thanks.

(Hittin' snooze is a HORRIBLE habit.)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lanvin x H&M

This excitement is chattering through my system.
t-1 month.

November 23rd, I'm awaiting for your arrival.

snippity clean.

Ismet Dural is a circumciser.
To spread his contacts in the city, he needed a simple and
economical solution...

Who ever said only high budgets could create great advertisements were

'Ismet Dural'
by: Grey-- Istanbul, Turkey

Friday, October 22, 2010

drawing in the real.

This gives me a serene optimism.

Something also tells me these simple childlike illustrations
embody something a little darker...

by: d'Alessandro Gottardo

aside from tin foil... should also never put kernels in the microwave without a cover.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

fold along the dotted lines.


"Love keeps no record of wrongs"
"Love is not self-seeking"
"Love ALWAYS perseveres"

Live through sprinkling love.

People are in constant question,"What is love?"
Simple enough, there's the answer [there].

Whether your religious or not, I don't really think you can argue that definition.

It's a whole lot more than just butterflies & a racing heart.
It's a whole bucket load of sacrifice and selflessness.

I raise the question & the challenges to the relationships in your life...
"how much LOVE have you invested?"

...As for me, I'm willing to exercise patience :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

by far my worst guilty pleasure.

I come home after an entire day to singing this to myself...
ONLY to discover my roommate also singing along to the same tune.

I even hair whipped in the studio.
I am deeply ashamed.


I feel super unaccomplished with my life.
Slash, we have concluded that she's the FIERCEST 9 year old out there.

"Whip My Hair"
by: Willow Smith

p.s. she has ASIAN NAILS.

sticky situation.


'Chewy Gum Stilettos'
by: Kobi Levi
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