Thursday, September 30, 2010

just a little something.

Today I had the urge/slight curiosity to try it back on...
...You know, just to see how it feels.

It felt weird--maybe a little snug.

...I smiled.

I guess this is a good sign.

a huff and a puff.

What would you do if you were confronted by 300 sheets of what
seems to be paper fluttering up in an upward spiral?


This aint no paranormal phenomenon, it' an installation piece.
300 sheets of Corian were fluttering through the Victoria & Albert Museum
in London for a good 24 hours @ the London Design Fest 2010.

Each sheet of Corian were engraved with the words, "Ideas Tray" & a series #.

Don't sweat it, nothing was wasted at the end of the day. Each sheet
was given away to randos of the public to use as paper trays.
environmentally friendliness for the win! =)
"A Gust of Wind"
by: Paul Cocksedge Studio-- London

Collabo between: London Design Fest x V&A x DupontTM Corian.

be safe. play with plastic.

This is like my ecstasy translated into shiny pages.

I'm pretty sure I'll never be rich enough to buy all these vinyl
beauties.... so maybeeeeee I'll just go ahead and pay for this book
which will last for all eternity in my arms.

my ultimate, all time favorite DUNNY!
(hidden in the top left corner)

"I am plastic, too"
by: Paul Budnitz

Dear Kidrobot, never lose your touch.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

@the_world: tweeting is for losers.

Doesn't matter whooooo tells me and tries to convince me otherwise:


Yes, I said it and I'll say it again.

but if I were ever to get this means of destruction it would be solely
for one person... Kathleen Almeida*

While fiddling with her Bberry (the beautiful Bold9000; white..
in my opinion the most physically appealing BB there is out there.)
I opened her Twitter App & just started going wild.
That shiz is HIGH-LARE-I-OUS.

Mok, on the couch, laughing too hard to take a picture properly.
Oh golly gosh. My stomach hurts. My eyes are watery.
follow her now @ahlMEIduh.

On a shameful note:
I refuse to join Twitter because I refuse to
further lower my self-esteem via that lack of followers I'll have. I already have a guilty pleasure-- bloggin'

triple threat + 1.

I am in studio right now dying from hyperventilation
from over excitement.... loooking @ Dunny toys.

The new series, Dunny 2010.
Golden ticket item revealed: Mayo

Some find this reveal a little anti-climatic as the
Ketchup, Mustard and Relish releases were already all hyped over.

Even all four of these buggers are practically identical
I still feel that they're insannnelllyyyy cute.

Ketchup Dunny has to be my all time favorite.
(allllmost up there with the KODAK BROWNIE FLASH MUNNY.)

Regardless, the ability to actually collect all 4 of them together
is just a taddle under impossible. As 3 out of 4 of them are
Golden Ticket Items.... Need luck much?

Anyhoo. I'd be happy just to get one of these babies and a
tee preferably. Orrrrr I could totally just draw myself one
on illustrator and bootleg the living crap outta it.

This is def the world's most expensive set of condiments.

by: Kidrobot

draining our bowl.

Pet Peeve: people that don't turn off their taps while
brushing their teeth or doing other modes of bathroom hygiene.

Why do people do that?!??!

I never realized how many people leave their taps
running while they do something else in the bathroom.


Turn the darn thing off how hard is it?!%$@%

In the spirit of water conservation comes this special sink concept,
one that encourages and brings awareness of the
detrimental effects water wasting brings. (it kills things)
While you let the faucet run, the water level in the fishbowl
slowly lowers. Once you turn off the tap the water level will
resume its fully loaded state.
For all worried for the poor fishy, no need to fret,
it will never be drained out of its spherical abode.

The bowl is even connected to its own special water line so
it's environment ain't even contaminated nastalicious tap water.

This concept might actually be able to save the world,
one little fishy at a time.
by: Yan Lu

one step closer to Finn Hudson.

At 3:30pm (today? yesterday? ... really depends on if ur a
12am next day person or a when-the-sun-rises next day person),
I wandered into one of the most dangerous area
for me at the moment-- Yonge & Dundas.

At that corner houses 2 of the most detrimental places for
my wallet right now... H&M + Forever XXI.

Leaving the damage done on a side note, I've have not been able to
stop thinking about one particular item:

Athletic gear. So sue me I suck at sports.

I went into 'Stussy' over the weekend with the boys and thought
about how awesome those novelty items are.
Never was I in a team in high school, never will I be on a sports
team that will be proud enough to give me a varsity jacket.
THEREFORE, I must obtain it via other means.

Come. On.
Imagine, I would be oh sooooooooo awkwardly dorky in that jacket
that it would end up being C-U-T-E. You know it.
<3. aaarrgggghhh.

With that thought aside, these jackets are one of
those items I'm not quite sure I can rock.

I'm alllllllmost positive that if you saw me wandering down the street
with that jacket, you'd automatically assume that I can't speak English.
Nonetheless, I really reallly REALLLLLLLLY enjoy it
looks like the William McKinely one-- & yes folks, that's Glee.

So now: Y/N to swiping the card?
Decision time...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

face fuzz.

This has to be one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.

"A Beard Film"
by: Ian Robertson

Hope this puts a smile to your face on this cloudy day!
Stay dry!!!!!!!!

teeny tiny.


...ALWAYS come in small packages.

For anyone that knows me, I am OBSESSED with annnyythingg miniature.
Like legit, am in LOVE with anything scaled down.

Stephanie Kilgast creates miniature model foods @ the 1/12 scale.
For those of you that aren't famililar with scaling....
Check out the image below... Now compare that Macaroon to that match.


I def wanna enroll in some course that teaches me how to make
this ballin' shizzle. Even if its a classroom of all 40+ mothers.
Cause legit, that's what they do now. It's the new knitting.

Oh my gosh. I'm giggly just looking at these images.

Artist: Stephanie Kilgast

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