Thursday, June 30, 2011

warm, soft & a little bit hazy.

... that's what Summer should feel like.

Antonella Arismendi's series captures the essence of
a nostalgic summer.

The season being so soft and relaxed in is nature
is always accompanied by a musky heavier side.
& as cheeseball as it sounds, it reminds (at least me)
of the ups and downs of a young summer romance <3.

A “converge in a magical fusion of technique, sensuality
and mystique which have defined her artistic persona,”

'Kling Summer'
photography & art direction by: Antonella Arismendi

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

inescapable of the blue & yellow.

Sooooooooo... having finally felt (relatively)
settled back at home I realized that my room
has looked the same way since I've been.... 6.

Not that I have a severe issue of the overcrowding
aided by my stuffed animals.
But I felt like maybe its time for a face lift.
&& in the midst of my search for ideas....

I adddoreee that combo of blue and yellow.
joyousness ftw.
Constructed to show the bare bones of the space, this
home was nothing but a simple canvas for the unique
furniture and goodies collected all over the world
by the designer, Mikel Irastorza.

“I look mostly for things with a past —things that tell a story —
and also for items from my favorite designers.”

The only resemblance of that to my room-- hardwood flooring.

Truthfully, I don't have the heart to orphan my stuffed bundles of joy...
There must be a better way.

- - -

by: Mikel Irstorza-- San Sebastian, Spain.
more && more.


For those who are heading out to Europe or simply
want to live vicariously through a little bit of sharing.


Queen. Tea & lots of jetlag.

Arriving at the 'LONDON GATWICK' airport.
The 13 of obvious tourists wander with their million bags through the city
in an attempt to find our first hostel.


If there was anything we needed, it was 'Oyster Cards'.
So that we could swiftly travel around with no worries
for the lack of change in our pockets.

It's a must that we devour all of the local goodness while were there.
SOOO the obvious choice of Fish & Chips was a must.

Summary: to die for. I don't care if you're about 1500 calories.
cause baby, you're worth it.

suggested that we didn't do it. Its just a giant Ferris Wheel
the view OF is it better than the view FROM it.

There was no way I wasn't going to walk through the (almost)
always jaw dropping Turbine Hall.

Sucks for me it wasn't the season for awe
inspiring installations to hit this place yet =(

Piccadilly Circus @ night.

Other to visit places include:

ST. PAUL CATHEDRAL -- the 500+ steps up to the top is much
worth the thigh muscle destruction. The view is fantasticular.

PORTOBELLO MARKET (@notting hill station) --
New things + Vintage things
can be found on this cute little strip.
Try going in the mornings where more vendors can be found =).

- - -

"I might be drunk, but you're ugly."
-Winston Churchill

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mrs. Fields should really get on this.

H O L L A .
Worlds best ever cookie package
p.s. I've always wanted a 'fro.

open those eyes.

Just because you think about it,
doesn't mean you should halt yourself for it. :)


behind those plastic Canadian Tire bins.

I along with many recent grads is embracing this new lifestyle called :

It greets me with the challenges of fending off my inner 'Shopping Demon'
as 95% of the retailers are now proudly displaying
their unless-you're-blind-your-bound-to-spot-it
'SALE' signs.


Regardless, having also recently moved (my 2nd trip) of my clothes
out from my downtown habitat, I was glad to discover a few things from
my circa 2006 wardrobe that weren't as hideous as you may imagine.

- - -

It ain't as granny as it seems. (a Mok hit circa 2005)

love the prettied up anishnabe homage =)
outfit already punked.

romper -- decked out.

i lovvvvve this girl. ^
leather and crochet... mmmmm...

So I suppose my doily looking crochet vest
wasn't as hopeless as I thought it would be.

- - -

dear everyone else that's broke as hell...
happy rummaging :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

europe unraveled.

To awake from Toronto and to feel in London.
To live in Amsterdam and to love in Paris.
To feel free in Madrid and to be reminded in Barcelona.
To let time pass in Nice and to watch time pass in Venice.
To create in Florence and to experience in Rome.
To escape in Sorrento only to be realized in Bari.


- - -

After 4 weeks of "backpacking" through Europe.
One can only assume that eyes were opened
and perspectives were shifted.

If there was ANYTHING Europe did for me its the realization of
how non-standard life should be.

Here I am sitting as an unemployed grad (woohoo!)
wishing nothing more but to continue
to bask in the joys of irresponsibility.

It's not partially because I'm lazy but its also
cause I realized that my whole life
seemed to be suuuuuch a straight line.

Highschool - University - Graduate - Work - Work - Work - Die

All these people I kept meeting in
hostels had one thing is common.

They were all :

Bouncing around working in one place
to the next, they were simply getting by.
Yet they were so much happier and
satisfied than people I know that have
been working 6 figure salaries for years.

Sure this whole nomad business isn't for everyone,
but it boggled me to know that some people
wandered Europe with no plan, with nothing but their
hearts to dictate their direction for yyyyears.

Its so easy to say "live life", but to actually take the step of doing so?
Gee, it takes more than just courage, but vision =).

* * *
mok's travel logs -- coming soon.

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