Wednesday, June 30, 2010


in the spirit of crumpling up things and throwing them out.

i figured you can do it stylishly (word?)
'Fabriano Wastepaper Basket'
by: Riccardo Nannini, Domenico Orefice, Emanuele Pizzolorusso

Totally helps out 5cent a plastic bag situation.
Gather the pleated bag when full, yank it out, throw it out...
TADA! Theres a new one.

Adidas ad campaign-- New Bball Shoes

garbage can 10 feet above ground.
i would litter.

'Origami Newspaper Bin'

Completely DIY.
Courtesty of Japanese origami culture
how to guide.
(will be in studio)

'Bin Bin'
by: Essey-- Denmark

Its like big bear little bear.

by: Stephan Hauser

i dont know what you'd be doing with ur hands to begin with while taking a crap but here they are free as a bird.

lift up ur wired skirt.

the say, "another mans trash is another ones treasure."
This chick with her visuals is def making all that city extra look dyauumm glitzy.

by: Sandrine Estrade Boulet :)

old loves.

if you knew me in Junior High through to High School you would probably recall my obsession with 'w-inds.'

a japanese boy band of 3 boys of which i found one particularly attractive.
my obsession allowed me to invest hundreds hundreds of dollars into their merchandise and concert dvds.

price was not an issue. as long as they produced it. I BOUGHT IT.
all of a sudden thought of them again... andd apparently the were in a pit for but shizzzznet.
they're backkkk. and i think im infactuated again.

"Truth (Saigo no Shinjitsu)"

Shot in Hong Kong

(oh, you know just how to get to me)
Written by: Ne-Yo
Performed by: w-inds.

creating anything with my....knuckles.

colouring the world. one knuckle at a time.
this is so much better than crayons at -insert chain restaurant name here-

This artist proves that design doesnt have to be pricey.
Making things from scraps that normal people can obtain and find.

By: Timothy Liles
(for more random in house fun click, here)

I'm pretty sure he would go ape shat in Active Surplus.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

golden smackers.

My guilty pleasure.

So what if she was born @ a party and carried around in a guitar case?

Facebook, the movie.

That's right.
This is some serious stuff.
The story of my life facebook.
The most powerful thing next to internet itself. (or arguably youtube)

As if 3 hrs a day on a small screen isnt enough... would you devote another few hours on a larger screen?

glorified by acrylic.

garbage can be classified as....
Readymade "objet trouve": also known as "found art". this is art created from the undisguised but usually modified objects that are usually not considered art. (cont'd here)
ORIGINATOR : (my all time favorite)---*drum roll* MARCEL DUCHAMP!
City life, in my opinion great, fantastic, SUPERB... but often over hyped.
One of its greatest downfalls is that filth it creates and the waste it produces.
This to many of you may just look like a piece of trash in a sterlized acrylic box but i think it makes a HUGE ass statement as an art piece.

1. This piece practically yodels the over glorification of city trash ideals. let it be media, reappropriations, snobs.
The city's great... but not that great.

2. How everything & anything can be beautiful.
"Beauty is a matter of perception"
3. people will buy absolutely anything--even garbage.

While the rest of the world is telling you littering is a horrible habit, artist Justin Gignac is just bouncing with joy as you drop ur half crushed Starbucks cup on the group.

Justin Gignac sells these cubes of New York landscape for $50 a pop.
(no smellies and leakage guaranteed)

"I pick up garbage. I scour New York streets picking up trash. After filling bags of subway passes, Broadway tickets, and other NYC junk. I carefully arrange plastic cubes full of the stuff"

Though some of u are making a scrunch face @ the screen thinking "what kinda idiot would pay that?" He has sold a whopping 1200 of these geometric sensations to TWENTYFIVE different countries.

Let it be the unique nature of each cube (each are numbered and signed) or people just really trying to help clean up the streets.

They're selling out, and selling hard.

better than a kaleidoscope.

Toilet paper roll art.
Extensive tweezer intense times and i can feel lots of wrist pain.

Monday, June 28, 2010

why hello there good tastin'

i wanna go camping.
i wanna go camping so bad.

i remember camping's ultimate challenge.

the perfectly roasted marshmallow :)

i miss wild camp.
those were good times.
This is Marshall. The boy that ate so many marshmallows that he turned into one.

Toasted Marshall is HAND "ROASTED" standing at a tall 3.5"
No two Marshalls are the same.
HESS SOOO CUTEE. hehehehe-- only $15 @

Marshall also comes un-tanned in forms of pirate, puking and.... dizzzy....

@ $9.95 per marshall
what a 3.5" good lookin' and tastin' boy

what is going on dear planet?

who else is wondering what is happening to our planet lately?

The earthquake in Toronto last week.
The giant hole in Guatamala.
The tornado in Huntsville.

And here we go a huge storm that happened in Chicago.
Wed's storm was a freakishly 63000ft, 3"+ in downpour, 80 mph heavy winds and.. 15000 cloud to ground LIGHTENING strikes in an HOUR.
Here are 3 of the 15000 an hr, striking 3 of the tallest towers in Chicago...

Captured by: Craig Shimala

Music by: Sufjan Stevens

generate my bubbles.

Align Center

'Alejandro & the Idea Machine'
by: Souther Salazar

*A sculpted installation piece.
*Cut + Paste style (baahhhhh to the cuteness factor)
*Part of the 'Fumetto Comix' Festival.

If this thing really juices out clouds, happiness and PASTEL COLOURED IDEAS-- i gotta cop myself one of those.

bring me to my childhood.

"Adults always ask little kids what they want to be when they
grow up because they're looking for ideas"

~Paula Poundstone

Friday, June 25, 2010


i will be out of commission this weekend.
have a good one everybody!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Tonight, I stayed in with the mother and watched a movie.
You know to bond and what not.

Basically cried the living daylight out of me.
Even worse, it was a true story & true stories get to me the most cause... it really happened.

I say you watch it even if you read the "SPOILER" below...
Spoiler in quotes since I'm only tellling the 100% original true story.

Hachiko, an Akita dog from Odate. His owner Hidesaburo Ueno was a university professor @ University of Tokyo.

Baby Hachikō (ハチ公)

Everyday Hachiko would walk with his owner to the train station.
Every day he would wait faithfully at the Shibuya train station for him to come home-- this was their ritual.

Ueno passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage one day at the university. Hachiko waited and waited. Ueno never came home.

He was taken in by others, but he routinely escaped. Escaped to his old home where the puppy found out that his owners no longer lived there.
He went to the only other place he knew, the train station.

The loyal friend waited for 9 years.
Every day.
Every train.

9 years later he passed away in the streets of Shibuya.

He now has a bronze statue at the place of which he waited everyday.
A true story and remembrance of of loyalty, love and devotion.
Gets me thinking, why is this pure form of affection and loyalty so hard to find, in much more complex creatures-- people.

Why are we constantly questioning the ones were with. The ones were devoted to?
Devotion seems to lie only within will and heart.
Loyalty and love isn't supposed to be easy.
At the end of the day, if you truly love, you will make it work, no matter how hard it gets.

Cause true love doesn't die-- even 9 years of absence later.

i had lunch!

today was a happy day for michelle mok.
she had lunch with friendS (please heavily note the plural)

two words that i never thought would come together ever again.

we sat down for 'x' amount of time (hehe.)
and thoroughly indulged in Shanghainese goodness.
miss u fayfays :) thx for this brill idea.
if it wasnt so expensive to go out all the time id say lets do this everyday.

street art.

just a lot of funk on things pups like to pee on...golly gosh. the irony.'Mr. Clean Ad.'
by: Grey Worldwide-- Germany
'Click Highlighter'
by: Boo Media

hahaha dog peeing on dog!!! bahhhaa.

Good afternoon everyonnnneeee~

battle of the century.

between the Blackberry + the iPhone.
I am a torn individual between the non-stop 'PING'ing world & my undying love for Apple.
This might sound lame but I'd op for the iPhone if only... it had buttons.
Sure that's why bberrys are ugly. But wholey, after a while you just wanna press a fricken button.
//Slash has anyone else tried to txt on a iPhone in the winter? I DID. and I had to use my tongue.
If you haven't already heard, the white iPhone is gunna be delayed till late July due to manufacturing issues. Apparently making things in white are really complex these days.
Its an awkward comment though considering half of Apple products... are... in white.
I can't say i don't believe them. After all the white bold seems to be the only decent looking white BB out there.
Can someone please tell me why the trackpad is still black!?

REGARDLESS this was a really nerdy geek post.
All i wanted to say was really...

"Dear RIM,
Let's make some baller white blackberries please.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

and a touch inappropriate-ness to my pasta.

don't care if i've blogged about PES a million times (here, here)
theres something about this...

i can't stop myself from wanting to blogging it to the world.
i mean ive watched this a billion years ago.
but i can tame my wants no longer.
there we go.

//SLASH. if you were drawn the the word 'inappropriate'
this is it.


it's like a fricken pin in my foot.

single microwave.

if only.
(via jav's)
i'm pretty sure im the saddest human being in this building right now.
i won't tell you why. cause... its kinda shameful.
b l a h h h h h .
theres also this random crunching noise coming from the leftside of my jaw. i dont like it. it bothers me. i'm going to put headphones in now so i can't hear it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

red light, green light.

conversation between a certain mcmini, fetus and i engaged in a little heat & a bit of mutual frustration.
another time before, a bb-resistant character and i went to bubble tea and had the same discussion (post looking over and seeing a table of 8. no movement...but in their soon-to-be carpel-ed fingers):

why are blackberry owners incapable of in-person interaction?

no lies and no denials.

i was 110% infected and guilty of the mad texter syndrome and still am while under the influence.

which is why im attempting in turning over my phone now.
when you dont see the blinking demon light ur nerves calm.

'Commodity Love'
by: Alice Wang
(for more)
at the end of the day, are we letting commodities take over our life and overrule the sparkle and magic between human interaction?
phone calls are now more sparse and texting has now dominated the networks.

i think maybe were all just longing little more attention from the person infront of you than for them to concentrate on the 2 x 3 (max) glowing rectangle.

not pointing fingers. i too am also still in mid-modification. I mean they don't call it a crackberry for no reason.
just yet another bb challenge-- stop at with the red light.

rip me some paper.

this baby just def put back a little sunshine in my morning.

children in one-sies areee fricken adorable....and look at him fall over everytime.
omg. its fuzzing up my internal organs.

what a wonderful... POST 100!

grey clouds.

i can't seem to decide between l&h and possibly some 'a'.
this sucks internally.
and my body kills from yoga.
blaming it on the weather.

Monday, June 21, 2010

ya right.

are you seriousssssss?
lets be real, in this day and age i hope no one believes this non-sense.
i remember when people bought "bug spray" to fight against the y2k bug....
e p i c.
plus, i'm sure yahoo has a much more sophisticated way to track my existence thank you very much.

Something left, Something Taken

"Something Left, Something Taken"
by: Tiny Inventions


i cant get over his croched eyelids.
i cant decide whether or not thats gross or what.

garden of eden.

...&& if only food grew on trees like this with milky dip puddles on the side...
Pretty to look at, and probably heavenly to taste.
What a way to smile on a monday morning :)*

i want these wooden tree holding things in my room.
asian things just travelling the world.
no big deal.

By: Stephanie Mann---France

p.s. mok. still. pain. lots. day 2 post day 1 of hot yoga.
p.p.s. happppy birthdayy alfun :)*

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