Monday, August 9, 2010

more legit than transformers.

I'm pretty sure Asians are geniuses. =P
But for real, I think they are. I remember as a child in Chinese
class they always show you how certain characters came to be.
Generally, they were pictorial depictions of the word.

Bandai has created a new set of transformable toys called 'Mojibakeru'.
'Moji' meaning "character" & 'bakeru', "change" in Japanese.
The series of 6 shape-shifting toys include:
犬(dog), 虎(tiger), 魚(fish), 馬(horse), 鳥(bird) and 龍(dragon).

This might just be one of the easiest way to wrap your
head around a different language.... bending the living crap outta it.

Nonetheless i thought this was pretty sweet.
@ $9 bucks each you can bend your way into learning 6 Asian characters.

by: Bandai
[spend $ @ White Rabbit Express]

*Chinese characters often show up in the Japanese language. Although pronounced differently they generally have the same meaning. Chinese words in Japanese are known as, "Kanji".


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