Thursday, May 31, 2012

take me to the candy shop.

As a child, 
the best part of going into a candy store was merely
the senses overload that would happen the moment
one stepped foot into wonderland. 

Your nose tingling with jelly belly flavors,
your eyes getting spasms from the visual overload,
and of course the salivation that happens after the first 2 sensations have set in.

RED Design takes a different spin on this sensory overload

with a simple design to help aid the grown-up in us
indulge in some childish pleasures.
Black-and-White & sketchy.
The Candy Room is the classy and tasteful
for anyone 8-80.

“Being strongly influenced by the idea of designing a playful, 
simple and somewhat illusional space for the Candy Room, 
the exaggeration of a ‘room’ idea was formulated,
The application was to use line artwork on white space to represent a room.”

'The Candy Room' -- Melbourne,Australia
by: RED Design

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

when you're not looking.

From the very moment Toy Story showed itself before our eyes
I am positive that every single one of us 
has thought about what our inanimate objects 
do when we have left the house...

 "I always knew that my weird point of view was my gift or perhaps curse, 
so I'm glad I finally found a use for it,"

'Children of the Candy Corn'

'Single White Egg'
-- melts my heart.... :')

'Another Peanut Politician'

'Abstract Espressonism'
(not a typo)

Springtime in Indiana

'Perfect Pair'

 "As far as getting ideas, I simply try to amuse myself. 
I look at objects and wonder what they remind me of 
and then I create a sort of story about that. I have a good sense of humor. 
I like to laugh but I can't tell a joke to save my life."


 Caramel Helps to Hide the Bruises
 Grim Brulee

 If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right

Persius Potato

 The Last

Sleeping Pills


Bachelor's Nightstand 

Bad Cheese

Brilliantly childish.

by: Terry Border
(for more of his witty goodness!!! GOOD!)  

Thursday, May 24, 2012

to HK via HK.

Like every other Asian child
I was born and raised with the internationally known Asian treasure:


Growing up, knowing people that are in a little too deep with the feline
is not really quite hard to find and having an older cousin that bought
pretty much every new Hello Kitty collection doll helped me stay in the
loop with this Sanrio hot shot. 

Taking over minds through tattoos, haircuts and toasters.
Hello Kitty decided it was ready for another level of takeover
Hello Kitty Airlines.

Hello Kitty Airlines collaboration with Taiwan-based EVA Air

Taiwanese based EVA Air
has just launched 3 new jets in the spirit of Hello Kitty:
The Magic Jet, The Global Jet & The Apple Jet with routes to
Tokyo, Fukuoka, Sapporo, HongKong, Seoul & Guam

Hello Kitty Airlines collaboration with Taiwan-based EVA Air

Hello Kitty Airlines collaboration with Taiwan-based EVA Air

Hello Kitty Airlines collaboration with Taiwan-based EVA Air

Hello Kitty Airlines collaboration with Taiwan-based EVA Air

Hello Kitty Airlines collaboration with Taiwan-based EVA Air

A little gimmicky to say the least
but nonetheless a little part in all of us wants to bask in this nonsense.

Hello Kitty Jets by  EVA Air

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hermès X Leica

What does a high fashion enthusiast & a photography addict have in common?
... both they're tastes are not in regular people budgets.

When you put the 2 together,
it is now a lethal and expensive concoction.

Leica M9-P >> Edition Hermès
The Making of the Leica M9-P Hermès Edition Camera

300 Edition Hermès digital rangefinders are available this summer
at an eye widening $25,000.00.
And if THAT wasn't enough damage to your wallet the
100 Serie Limitee Jean Louis Dumas models
 are standing at a jaw dropping

The Making of the Leica M9-P Hermès Edition Camera

For those of us that can't even imagine
spending that kind of money on a hobby/interest/fetish
we can enjoy the impeccable craftsmanship that
(kind of) helps justify the price tag.

Squander that wealth folks!

- - -

'Leica M9-P >> Edition Hermès'

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

99 feelings.

"People often don't talk about heir feelings or emotions to anybody.
You look at somebody and you think "How do they feel?"
..and you don't see it"
99 Feelings by Mitsy Sleurs ArtMind
Mitsy Sleurs translates all her inner pockets into visual works of art.
How beautiful is the sharing of emotions?
The ability to feel one thing, to create it & then to have others feel something else.

The audience matters.

It's all about your gut feeling.

Mitsy's Etsy Shop / ArtMind
directed/shot/edited: Bao Nguyen
music by:  Jim Smith
audio mix: Garry Rindfuss

Saturday, May 19, 2012

cottage equals scrabble.

The long weekend means fireworks
& fireworks reminds me of THIS 'PES' production.

Which led me to seeing THIS (below)


Friday, May 18, 2012

there IS more than Victoria's Secret

Swimsuits are always the image of
babes, summer, tans and sexy encounters.

Where's here's the side to those sultry articles
that you won't get to see in Sports Illustrated.

'Mazzy Swimsuit' @ $220.00
by: Agent Provocateur

'Santorini Bikini' @$55.00
by: Baku Australia

'Striped Top' @ $195.00 + 'Flip Bikini Set' @ $310.00
by: Norma Kamali

'Pebble Beach Bikini'  @ $127.00
by: Baku Australia

'Halter Wrap Bikini' @ $88.00
by: Zeugari

Printed Ruffle Busti @$300.00
by: Mara Hoffman

Striped Set $300.00
by: Mara Hoffman

Riflessi Couture Bikini
by: Rirratti


Savaannah Belted Drape Piece @$330.00
by: Zimmermannn
(their summer swimsuit line featured previously HERE!)

The Rio Collection  @ $250-$310
by: Lee + Lani

by: O'Neill @ $90.00

Herve Leger Swiwear 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pingu violence.

One of the most beautiful art forms that still exist...
but SADLY, since its to freakin' time consuming as heck.

It's one of those things that slowly surely wins their way to your heart

Everyone knows Pingu
& everyone associates claymation with childhood innocence.
This 'Raid' reappropriation in clayamtion is nothing short
of silly putty gore.

'Claycat's THE RAID'
Original by: Gareth Evans
Claymation by:  Lee Hardcastle

Monday, May 14, 2012


2.5 weeks later
I am back with some mean jetlag & withdrawl from HK street food.

Nonetheless, I am back home a hopefully not any fobbier
and am ETERNALLY grateful for RIM...
for creating something I can actually type with,
my 2 weeks with an iPhone was nothing short of a disaster.

like any old Hong Kong traveller would know,
 the withdrawl kicks in hard and quick I already managed
to zap up some Vimeo goodness to ease my pains.

this is where I all of a sudden think that I'm a worthy
travel blogger & share good times.

We can just watch that clip
& bask in the beauty of my hometown.
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