Tuesday, March 13, 2012

crates and hang-tag chic.

Smart Luxury: a no pressure luxurious environment.
INSTEAD its a well of opportunities and inspiration.

'Hotel Daniel'- Vienna.
The essence of "smart luxury".

(agggh. this makes me wanna go back to school and
do a whole new hotel design project.... 3Ds Max party anyone?)

"superfluous pomp and awkward hospitality are simply an unnecessary burden for modern travelers. In fact, what they really want is precisely the opposite: a fast and uncomplicated change of locations, an attractive hotel design and a cool, clear head for taking in new impressions."
-Florian Weitzer

115 individually designed room spread throughout 6 floors.

Mirroring the vibes of a spacious loft,
this industrial urban chic loft provides the laid back luxury
one's looking for after a long flight, or train ride.

Daniel's very own bakery.
I feel like this is where I would sit down with
a fancy latte of some sort and write out the most
glorious of fairy tales...

... and when i mean write i mean type out...
on a
vintage type writer.

'Hotel Daniel' , Vienna


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