Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the new loft.

For THEEE longest time, the idea of a "Manhattan Loft" was quickly associated with:
brick, clean, sleek furniture & the occasional black chandelier.

Of course, now the (kinda) new spurred vintage craze & "industrial chic"has also made its way into our homes redefining the once upon a time
clean and "nothing old belongs in here" look.

ERIC GOODE:the man some would say he's the origin of New York Night Life
Located @ NoHo, Eric Goode's loft houses are comprised partially
of New York's Unforgettable nights.
If you're merely grossed out by ample amounts of
stuffed (literally) animals in here.
Please RREEEEEELLAX and note that the animals that all reside
here have died of natural causes.
(hence why PETA hasn't already smattered this house with blood)

''It had died and been taken to Preserve a Pet,
a company which preserves your pet in whatever position you want.
They freeze dry it for about six months''.

--origin of Bulldog.


'Loft In Manhattan'
by: Eric Goode


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