Friday, September 13, 2013

love robot invasion IN TORONTO

Something cool in Toronto.

Reminiscent of the Moose project Toronto now has 
adorable Concrete Love Robots infesting.

Ever since I was a child I was told that 
everyone was out to get us
 Artist Matthew Del Degan is reminding us otherwise,
humans are not robots and are completely
capable of being WARM & LOVING.

 Mixing almost every robot himself.  The 25,000 pounds of cement
now resulted in the 100 cement statues plastered all over Toronto.

 Four-and-a-half years ago, 
Del Degan was sitting on a subway, chatting with strangers.
“There was a girl beside me and a grandmother in front of me, 
we were laughing and joking with a homeless guy,” 
he explained.
 “I was a student wearing pyjamas on my way to class.
 I bet people thought I was homeless too.”

Each robot is is tied to a STORY OF LOVE
submitted by Torontonians.

Most memorable he's heard so far?
A gentleman met a paraplegic who can’t use his hands. 
The paraplegic asked people to do his laundry 
but items started to go missing. 
So the gentleman took it upon himself to do the laundry 
for the paraplegic on a weekly basis.
“We don’t see these things in the city,” Del Degan stated. 
“With this project I want to prove that Toronto is a loving city.”
 Read the stories & find the location here.

"Lovebot" - Throughout Toronto
by: Matthew Del Degan


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