Monday, December 16, 2013

so THAT'S what the hole's for.

All these new patisseries and bakery seem to be focusing 
on not only the artisinal side of things but also the delicacy of 
each little piece of sugary fluff. 

This is 'Chök', The Chocolate Kitchen.
As you can imagine alluded by the name,
this whole thing is chocolate products.
2 chök

1 chök

3 chök

5 chök

6 chök

4 chök

7 chök

8 chök
9 chök

10 chök

11 chök

12 chök
..Tell me this isn't the most intuitive thing in the world.
13 chök

14 chök

15 chök
16 chök

17 chök

18 chök

19 chök

20 chök

21 chök

22 chök
23 chök

Artisanal & Authentic. 

'Chök', The Chocolate Kitchen --Barcelona
by: espluga+associates


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