Saturday, March 15, 2014

what if colour was banned?

Though most females prefer to remain in black for "class" and slimming purposes.
It's hardly true that a monochromatic world would be favorable. 
For one highlighters would do nothing &
no one would be able to tell apart the flavors of candy.

Taking us back to the era of prohibition,
paint company Dulux does mini campaign on
Colour Prohibition.
It's not my favorite commercial but it'll do for now.

BBH Creative Team: Martha Riley & Richard Glendenning
BBH Creative Director: Nick Allsop
BBH Team Manager: Hannah Madden
BBH Team Director: Tracey McIntosh
BBH Strategy Director: Tom Roach
BBH Strategic Business Lead: Ann-Marie Costelloe
BBH Producer: Georgina Kent/Ruben Mercadal BBH
Assistant Producer: Phil Cross/David Lynch
Production Company: Park Pictures
Director: Christian & Patrick
Executive Producer: Stephen Brierley
Producer: Richard Fenton
DoP: Benoit Delhomme
Post Production: Electric Theatre Collective
Producer: Matt Williams
Shoot Supervisor: Yourick Van Impe
Lead Flame Artist: Giles Cheetham
Flame: Andrew Stewart, Yourick Van Impe
Nuke: James Belch
Lead 3D Artists: Remi Dessange, Gerard Dunleavy
3D: Dan Marum , Laury Guintrand
Matte Painting, Gerard Dunleavy, Dave Gibbons
Grading: Aubrey Woodiwiss
Editor/Editing House: Andrea Macarthur / Lizzie Graham @ Peepshow Post
Sound: Raja Sehgal @ Grand Central Sound Studios


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