Tuesday, June 2, 2015

pizza box projector...that comes with a pizza.

Strategies like this is EXACTLY why the rest of the world
has such a hard time catching up with the gimmicks &
goofy creativity innate in Asian culture. 

Binge watching movies & eating pizza is a common denominator 
in almost every junior high/highschool experience.
Ogilvy & Mathers in HK has hit the nail on the nose
with Pizza Hut's new--
A bootleg projector can be made from every pizza box.
Your pizza comes equipped with a special lens that you
plug into the box itself.
(i am jealous.)

Don't know what to watch?
Don't sweat it the box comes with a
QR code that features various genres of mini films.
Plus, you can pretty much show anything on it.
(Netflix, marathon anyone?)
The idea of a fancy phone in a greasy box may
be unsanitary to some of you,
but the people of Hong Kong are RAVING over this new concept
& I cannot agree with them more.

Bring this puppy over and I'd be eating Pizza Hut,
until I get a projector in every room of my place.

- - -

for Pizza Hut HK
by: Ogilvy & Mathers HK


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