Monday, August 1, 2011

i could live like this.

In the current Toronto heat I'm not sure who in their right
mind would want to pull a Tarzan and live outside.

BUT in Brazillllllllll its a whole other story,
with the nice fresh breeze combing through your hair,
& the mild warmth of the sun keeping your body temperature fine
lying down in a hammock seems nothing short of paradise.

To my fellow RSID alumnis (awww yeah!),
this is such a non-cheesy execution of the
"outside-in, inside-out" / "one with nature" /
"really trying to erase the boundaries
between the interior and nature"
(don't lie. we've all done it.) b.s.
We always manage to con people into thinking we believe.

Loft 24/7 residence is the epitome of Tarzan the billionaire,
waaaaaay classier than the treehouse.

2700 sq ft of limestone, rough stone, steel, glass, && wood paneling.
...oh so modernista.

'Loft 24/7'-- Sao Paulo, Brazil
shown @ 'CasaCor' exhibition

by: Fernanda Marques
more of that piece of mind here


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