Monday, November 7, 2011

ctrl your food.

Wish you could 'Esc' your appetite?

'Ctrl(orApple)-z' that last (dozen) of sushis

you stuffed down your throat at All-You-Can-Eat?

(yup, that moment that you realize being cheap & asian just ain't worth it)

Or just 'Alt' & drag that caviar to save for later?






To be honest,

computer short cuts are just as commonly known

to the new generation as 'LOL' and :) emoticons.

If you don't know it, it probably just means

you still manage to spend a little more time outdoors

than you do infront of that glowing monitor

(& for that I congratulate you.)

The application (pun!) of digital behaviors is

the bang of an idea for these 'iPlates'

(On a side note: This whole 'iwhatever' thing is gettin' a little ridiculous.

Like. I. GET. IT. Now let's stop & learn to actuaallllyyy be witty again)

The collection of 4 (china plates) includes:

-Import Food

-Edit Food

-Image Size

--Ctrl Z

They're pretty darn cute alright,

but breaking the bank at 25 EUROs* (around $37.50 CND)?

That's probably a decision I'll 'Ctrl-Q'

(ha! 'iSoWitty')

- - -
by: Todd Borka


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