Thursday, December 22, 2011

my recyclable nightmare.

I can't decide whether this is pretty OR pretty effing scary.
I'm almost positive I'm suffering from minor PTSD.

For all those that don't know the tragic tale known as:
(read on)

This past summer 14 happy grads went on their month long adventure to
Europe in hopes of enriching their lives with
Culture, & TONS of drunken stories.

One of the final stops left all 11 of them SCARRED (literally)
Swimming in the Meditteranean blue was a
dream that quickly turned into a nightmare as we frolicked through a
J E L L Y F I S H.
H U N D R E D S O F T H E M .

ANYWAY, for those that have never experienced the wrath
of these tentacle-y monsters of DOOM-- enjoy their "beauty" before
electricute the living crap out of you okay?

Inspired by the illuminated waters of the British Columbia coastline.
This interactive installation of origami + sensory technology
is a reflection of human disturbances to the wildlife in waters.

Each of these 94 crafted jellies are attached
to an LED module and changes colour depending on interaction rates.
This is up for display until January 2nd, 2012
@ the Vancouver Aquarium as part of the holiday program.

They should be glad I won't be anywhere close to the exhibit
cause I'd come with a bat ready to treat these as
- - -

'Jelly Swarm'
the 'Luminescence' Exhibit, Vancouver Aquarium
by: Tangible Interaction x Joseph Wu


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