Monday, December 12, 2011

so-long stache-lings

It's been a long hard month of MNovember.
A huge *sigh* of relief was let out the morning on December 1st
for (I'm almost positive) all of the gals out there.

It was a good run there gents!
(special shout outs to them Asian boys that tried
with your genetically-lack-of-body-hair selves)

But now we have reverted back to the world where we:
.... Have the ability to take your co-worker seriously once again,
....can kiss our other half without worrying
if we're gettin a sample of their lunch (from yesterday)
... are again able to tell if the stranger standing
at the reception is a client or simply a hobo.


But of coursem for those of us that have grown fond & attached
to those "charming" pieces of fuzz,
these are few things to help you survive
till the next prickle fest rolls around :

I totally have one of these at home.

Totally completes the dirty old alcoholic look.

Happy Clean (next) 12 monthsssssssss!


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