Thursday, November 22, 2012

casette art.

This is what I call a true 80s remix. 
Reappropriation of normally "useless" items are always such a clever surprise.
In our current day and age, we barely use CD or MP3 players let alone casettes 
(does anyone remember the rather useless invention of MDs?)
 With all these technological advancements these days
its easy to find random items of relative uselessness (ha!)
lying around the house. It's hard to find their usage now a days.
(Which is also why I always question the retro television one always
seems to spot in a magazine interview of some model and their home)
with some smart REMIX-ing these playful portraits
inspire all of us to look into our mini hoarded collection
& see what we can chop and scram up too.

'Casette Art'
by: Benoit Jammes


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