Wednesday, November 20, 2013

escape to being Ariel.

I remember going through school
and all 4 years were these amazingly dreamt up projects
of people living/working/jammin' 
up in the clouds of down underwater.

Well now here's another one,
except this time it's real life.

This is the Manta Resort.
A Multi-room horel that's just chillin' in the middle
of the Indian Ocean next to the island of Pemba.
 (take me there right now)
With 3 different levels:
Above water & close to the stars
Surface level - deck
This is essentially a little man-made island for
guests to soak in (no pun intended) the amazing scenic views from
all possible angles.  

The photos are not a "I-had-to-camp-here-for-hours-to-see-a-seahorse"
sort of deal.  The waters are ample with sea creatures and sealife
leaving Instagram moments not hard to come by
(though #latergram will be needed since I don't think there 
is Wi-Fi.... underwater...)
I haven't quite figured out if this is a location people
swim to or if a little boat takes you there...
But who cares, if you don't know how to swim
this destination is sure to change your mind.

'The Manta Resort'
by: Mikael Genberg [of Genberg Underwater Hotels]


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