Monday, June 9, 2014

truly neon - Hong Kong

Any article that features Hong Kong in any capacity
attracts my immediate attention. Not only because
Hong Kong relates to me as home but also because
through all my travels,
no other city has been more fascinating.

You can practically smell the culture, the crafts, and the undeniable
ants-like dedication in engrained in so much of its population.

As a child, I remember getting off the plane and knowing immediately
that I was in Hong Kong: the tunnels, the chatter and
the bright neon lights radiating the streets.
The Chinese Palace Nightclub. Once located on Nathan Road in the Jordan District.
is an online exhibit that's dedicated to the iconic pieces
that made/make Hong Kong. With LED replacements and
new regulations abandoning them due to light pollution this
online exhibition documents the city's fingerprints of neon lights
in an attempt to preserve the feeling of this city's urban landscape.
Neon Map of Key signage

How can an old craftsman, in a world where their art is diminishing
NOT pull on all of your heartstrings.

Launched by M+ Museum this is their 7th mobile project using
the power of crowd sourcing to complete a collection that
would otherwise be terribly difficult to capture.

The project runs till JUNE 30,2014 if you're in Hong Kong
be sure to contribute with the hashtag #HKNEON

 by: M+ Museum



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