Wednesday, April 22, 2015

lower east side love.

Now the only reason why most females would know about the 
Lower East Side is because
'Dan Humphy' from 'Gossip Girl' was from there.
Mind you, that show highlights the industrial loft chic character of the neighbourhood quite well.

The Lower East Side started off as one of the first spots
immigrants would actually live when moving to New York, 
similar to many other initially undesirable neighbourhoods,
Lower East Side has been gentrified to a melting pot of
hipsters, foodies, coffee connoisseurs and all those charming subcultures
The one thing that's never changed is the heavy influence of art in the area,
this little nook of Manhattan is more than just a diamond in the rough.

The Ludlow is a 184-room hotel in the Lower East Side of Manhattan
that does a pretty darn good job of encapsulating this area's charisma into a home away from home.




Squished between a plethora of family own stores, graffiti street art and 5-Star Yelp bars,
The Ludlow
may just be the perfect stay for the urban hipster when visiting the Big Apple.
Plus, the bathroom only was all i needed to be convinced.

- - - 

'The Ludlow' @ Manhanttan


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