Monday, April 27, 2015

stix and stones.

At first glance, this space was 110% reminiscent of a Starbucks location by
'Kengo Kuma & Associates' (here)
Wild Rocket Willin Low Produce Modsin

Crazy intimate and small in footprint the space emits the sense of home in the most effortless way possible.  One continuous motif repeated throughout may seem like a boring idea on paper, but in actuality, it cannot be more intricate and interesting.

Wild Rocket Willin Low Produce Modsin
A total of 15,000 wooden batons are joined togeter to make these helix type forms which double as a interesting screen for both privacy and sun. Housed in the 'Hangout' a hotel in Singapore.  PRODUCE was challenged with the task of revamping the 968 sq.ft space to something that was as comforting as the food that came out of their kitchen.


Wild Rocket Willin Low Produce Modsin

Wild Rocket Willin Low Produce Modsin Mud Rocks

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'Wild Rocket' @ Singapore


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