Thursday, April 7, 2011

emotional overdrive.


I just actually realized how close I am to leaving the trenches of RSID.
As much of a relief it is to know that I will no longer be require to stay up for
days and days on end in fear of not completing an assignment. I know
that somewhere in my little twisted heart... I'll really miss this place.

The nest I always manage to make within a 3feet radius around me.
The drool over all my trace paper.
Infesting our group desk of 7 with ugly dolls and asian finniky things.

I can't believe that the 4 years are nearly over.

I thought this was going to be forever, and it was NEVER going to end....
...but now its all drawing to a close.

In 14 days, I would have completed a city wide cultural revolution (fingers x-ed),
roamed the City of Toronto to video footage
a insightful inner searching,

a set of construction drawings that are never meant to be built,
a 10 page paper on sex,

wrote an exam on 4 hours of sleep between 3 nights,

wrote a firm proposal,

presented & potentially will have been so touched by
my own hard work I'll probably be in tears not
knowing how to deal with all this emotion.... this is what happens during IRN season.
We get emotional and we don't even know why...


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