Monday, February 6, 2012

knick knack chic.

In the midst of redo-ing my room and saving it from its sad
"I'm-totally-meant-for-a-6-year-old" state.
I have come across quite a few old pieces,
a certain amount of junk,
and a whole bunch of odds & ends i dont know what to do with.
The beauty of electic randomness.
Now something like THIS takes quitteee an eye to put together :)
Fashionable, authentic & gothic.
3 bomb characteristics for El Born (La Ribera)
a small little in Barcelona
(onnnnly the best place in the world)

This neighbourhood is the comparable to the
of New York City.

The boho like ambience can make any back packer estatic
stumbling upon its cute eclectic existence.

Yolanda Vilalta && Helena Jauma (owners) wer
inspired by the 2 tables that came with the establishment
prior to any sort of renovation and quickly transformed
the empty space into a place that is a:
eclectic home meets Saint Germain bistro
with a dash of coffee time social interaction of Istanbul.
Toooootally wish I knew about his place back in May...
It would have made Barcelona yet ANOTHER notch more awesome...
I didn't even think that was possible!!!!
'Cafe KAFTA'
-- Barcelona, Spain.


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