Thursday, February 9, 2012

Prada GG-ed Tokyo.

Prada has been relatively dead the past couple of years
but DYAMMMMM have they come back ready to BITE.
Dec 6/11
Prada Men & Women collection 2012 @ Shin Shuna, Tokyo

Inspired by Las Vegas-like iconographic imagery of
'Road Movies' circa 1950, the overload of neon themes also
created this fast & furious ambience.

Fierce rides such as : Bentley R-1 Continental, Aston Martin DB5,
Pink Cadillac El Dorado and a fiery Ford Coupe
upped the gig's decorating score and compliments the red fin pumps of the collection.
Designed by power house
OMA/AMO & Michael Rock (creative director of 2x4 ... not II by IV)
Only 500 hand picked guests of Tokyo's elite.
Japanese delicacies by Kitcho.
Performances by (music makers for 'Kill Bill')
... this was ONE MEANNNNN show.

Spring/Summer 2012


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