Wednesday, October 9, 2013

a candy-striped factory.

Creamy, delicious & now as cute as can be.

Who said adorable can't cross over
with industrial?

Another Restaurant & Bar Design Award winner this year .
(see other entries and winners here & here)
This entry was awarded "Best Bar in Europe"
This store is nothing short of what one can illustrate 
on a children's novel cover.

Incorporating a fantasy aura similar to
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
the playful shapes and colours don't trip the 
hearty authenticity of the hardware & machinery.

The concept came from a "creamery magic" a whimsical interior scheme
with a modern peppermint candy theme. 

Six individual "taps" provide flows into
tastebud magic.  As if that wasn't enough
they also have 34 savory toppings to add to your
small cup of fantasy.

- - -

Ice Cream Parlour
Girona, Spain

Interior Design: Sandra Tarruelle Interiors
Graphic Design & Branding: "Run" Design


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