Thursday, October 10, 2013

Father with Terminal Cancer Walks Unmarried Daughters Down the Aisle.

Devoted husband and loving father Fred Evans,
has always wanted to walk his daughters
down the aisle on their special day.

Upon discovering that he had metastatic melanoma
through a recovery from a double lung transplant
he knew that he didn't have much time left to accomplish
the few last things he really wants to have the chance to do.

This amazing dad decided to surprised both of his
unmarried daughters Gracie & Kate with a ceremony to do just that.

Fotolanthropy, a non-profit organization devoted to share inspiring stories,
after hearing this heart-melting story reached out to
help commemorate this special occasion.

Fred's family with the help of his wife,
Karla and eldest married daughter Martha.
Gracie and Kate arrived thinking that this
was a surprise dad (Fred) had planned for mom.

The loving father walked each of his precious daughters down the aisle
embracing them and let them know that he would like to fulfill his
tradition in case he was not around for the real thing.

 Fred surprised his wife Karla with a 
bouquet and a ceremony to renew their vows.

Fred was a never ending beam of light and joy,
spreading nothing but love and happiness
till his last day on July 25th, 2013.

by: Fotolanthropy


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