Wednesday, October 2, 2013

a dollhouse introspect.

For those that know me, they know that I love everything miniature 
(this potentially explains my love for kids under the age of 7)
I have a odd love for collecting miniature food.

Collecting miniatures might be more than just 
cute chunks of plastic, it might be a way to dream of a
life you can't ever have.

The dollhouse was always a childhood rendition of what your 
future dream house was going to be. 

These vessels of fun may have another meaning... 
what exactly can it be?

Dawn Reese may be able to answer you with an extraordinary view.

A dollhouse is glimpse into someone's world - someone's dream world. 
It isn't just a cute model that someone owns. It's a momento. 
A momento of someone's childhood or someone's ideal life.
This episode of "The Amerikans" is a multi-episode web series
presented by "Art + Practice".

The series feature unique portraits of real people that possess and express their lives.
Each documentary opens a window to a life of  Northeast Ohio American.

Miniatures maybe small, but they create something much bigger.

'Who Lives There'
Featuring the life of Dawn Reese
Episode 14 of 'The Amerikans"

Produced by: Jeffrey Pence & Mika Johnson
Directed by: Mika Johnson
Principal Photography: Micha Hilliard
Design and animation: Kaori Mitsushima


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