Wednesday, June 1, 2011

europe unraveled.

To awake from Toronto and to feel in London.
To live in Amsterdam and to love in Paris.
To feel free in Madrid and to be reminded in Barcelona.
To let time pass in Nice and to watch time pass in Venice.
To create in Florence and to experience in Rome.
To escape in Sorrento only to be realized in Bari.


- - -

After 4 weeks of "backpacking" through Europe.
One can only assume that eyes were opened
and perspectives were shifted.

If there was ANYTHING Europe did for me its the realization of
how non-standard life should be.

Here I am sitting as an unemployed grad (woohoo!)
wishing nothing more but to continue
to bask in the joys of irresponsibility.

It's not partially because I'm lazy but its also
cause I realized that my whole life
seemed to be suuuuuch a straight line.

Highschool - University - Graduate - Work - Work - Work - Die

All these people I kept meeting in
hostels had one thing is common.

They were all :

Bouncing around working in one place
to the next, they were simply getting by.
Yet they were so much happier and
satisfied than people I know that have
been working 6 figure salaries for years.

Sure this whole nomad business isn't for everyone,
but it boggled me to know that some people
wandered Europe with no plan, with nothing but their
hearts to dictate their direction for yyyyears.

Its so easy to say "live life", but to actually take the step of doing so?
Gee, it takes more than just courage, but vision =).

* * *
mok's travel logs -- coming soon.


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