Wednesday, June 29, 2011


For those who are heading out to Europe or simply
want to live vicariously through a little bit of sharing.


Queen. Tea & lots of jetlag.

Arriving at the 'LONDON GATWICK' airport.
The 13 of obvious tourists wander with their million bags through the city
in an attempt to find our first hostel.


If there was anything we needed, it was 'Oyster Cards'.
So that we could swiftly travel around with no worries
for the lack of change in our pockets.

It's a must that we devour all of the local goodness while were there.
SOOO the obvious choice of Fish & Chips was a must.

Summary: to die for. I don't care if you're about 1500 calories.
cause baby, you're worth it.

suggested that we didn't do it. Its just a giant Ferris Wheel
the view OF is it better than the view FROM it.

There was no way I wasn't going to walk through the (almost)
always jaw dropping Turbine Hall.

Sucks for me it wasn't the season for awe
inspiring installations to hit this place yet =(

Piccadilly Circus @ night.

Other to visit places include:

ST. PAUL CATHEDRAL -- the 500+ steps up to the top is much
worth the thigh muscle destruction. The view is fantasticular.

PORTOBELLO MARKET (@notting hill station) --
New things + Vintage things
can be found on this cute little strip.
Try going in the mornings where more vendors can be found =).

- - -

"I might be drunk, but you're ugly."
-Winston Churchill


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