Wednesday, June 29, 2011

inescapable of the blue & yellow.

Sooooooooo... having finally felt (relatively)
settled back at home I realized that my room
has looked the same way since I've been.... 6.

Not that I have a severe issue of the overcrowding
aided by my stuffed animals.
But I felt like maybe its time for a face lift.
&& in the midst of my search for ideas....

I adddoreee that combo of blue and yellow.
joyousness ftw.
Constructed to show the bare bones of the space, this
home was nothing but a simple canvas for the unique
furniture and goodies collected all over the world
by the designer, Mikel Irastorza.

“I look mostly for things with a past —things that tell a story —
and also for items from my favorite designers.”

The only resemblance of that to my room-- hardwood flooring.

Truthfully, I don't have the heart to orphan my stuffed bundles of joy...
There must be a better way.

- - -

by: Mikel Irstorza-- San Sebastian, Spain.
more && more.


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