Tuesday, June 28, 2011

behind those plastic Canadian Tire bins.

I along with many recent grads is embracing this new lifestyle called :

It greets me with the challenges of fending off my inner 'Shopping Demon'
as 95% of the retailers are now proudly displaying
their unless-you're-blind-your-bound-to-spot-it
'SALE' signs.


Regardless, having also recently moved (my 2nd trip) of my clothes
out from my downtown habitat, I was glad to discover a few things from
my circa 2006 wardrobe that weren't as hideous as you may imagine.

- - -

It ain't as granny as it seems. (a Mok hit circa 2005)

love the prettied up anishnabe homage =)
outfit already punked.

romper -- decked out.

i lovvvvve this girl. ^
leather and crochet... mmmmm...

So I suppose my doily looking crochet vest
wasn't as hopeless as I thought it would be.

- - -

dear everyone else that's broke as hell...
happy rummaging :)


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