Monday, July 11, 2011

the deep dark crevices of your fantasies.

Innuendos & fantasies littered all over these
secret meetings places nicknamed
'Love Hotels'

Placed all over the (never fails to impress) Japan.
These little hubs let you play our just one's dirty,
and to be honest, a tad awkward fantasies.

... I guess whatever tickles your fancy right?

Imma try and guess what "scenario" each one is...
(haha. this should be interesting)
Banging in the B-room?!?!?
Golden toilets. That has to be it.Home of the Japanese grandmother.

This is just wrong.
dislike (n)
Rocking it out, Johnny Depp style.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
This one is enough to make an analytical essay.
underground dungeon chic.
That ceiling would gimmie a seizure.
Ditching the ideas of PG.
BBC/IceCream retailer?
Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.
The magic fairy dust has to be good for something right?

This isn't right.
Hello Kitty is not allowed.
Not gunna lie, this seems pretty steammmmmayyy.

A sight to see if i ever get a chance to stand on
that piece of land again.


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