Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the magic pounds.

MickeyDees, Popeyes & the irresponsible extra drizzle of
on your macchiato...

...all these are culprits to the miraculous pounds that managed
to attach to your once underweight BMI self.

If there's anything in the world that helped catalyze the scale shift
it is fo' shizzle. --- a l c o h o l .

We all know no matter how hard we try, capping the intake of
those little clear glasses are just a little more than difficult.

I don't blame it on alcoholism though,
just purely fantastical packaging/marketing.

Imagine your walls at home LLLLLLINED with these "books".
First you get to fool folks into thinking that you're
actually an intellectual.
Then you can up your level of awesomeness by proving
how sly you ACTUALLY are by unveiling the
bottle of Moonshine hidden in those pages -- it's brilliant.

For those that actually seek information and knowledge,
Moonshine's gotcha covered. Theres actually pages that
give you a little breif on the brand and all their goodness.

Following through with the tales...

For those that dislike reading...forget Sparksnotes,
here's a video instead -- H O L L A ! :

Prohibition Is Over!


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