Wednesday, July 6, 2011

uncomfortably overgrown.

There's something about underwater growth that give
me major time goosebumps.

&& if there is anything this reminds me of,
its all the slimy slippery things that attach
themselves to the surface of rocks,

the stuff you slip off of when you try to play Spiderman.
The inside then reminds me of marbled beef or
someone's organs... or the way muscle looks when
you peel the skin off... (the ones u see in health class figs.)

But nope, this isn't a set for some human genome project
but is a Nightclub infused with a sushi/sake bar
in Tokyo, a location that's no short of insanity.

Attempting to mimic alien flower patches and crystalline hallways.
This fuchsia wonderland is sure to trip you out.

& of course the golden sanctum is sure to inspire you to
recharge yourself with some more of that sake magic.
- - -
by: Urban Interiorites-- Tokyo


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