Thursday, May 9, 2013

cow hides & plaid

Bavarian food.
(Bavaria is in Germany. I had to Google that)

Once I knew the definition, the first thing I thought of was... 

This space is all of that and then some. 
Hearty and homey for sure, but also filled with some
cute and fresh elements.

This place is a wood haven.
Cute wood detailing matched by cow hide upholstry.

The use of my new favorite material, copper, is pretty
much all over the place. The light fixtures (to be seen, keep scrolling!)
 really pack a punch in this space.

Nothing in the space is particularly new and inventive 
but the attention to detail in the place just makes every bit 
of a difference.

 'Althaus' Restaurant-- Gydnia, Poland
by: PB/STUDIO  & Filip Kozarski


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