Tuesday, May 21, 2013


We live in a world where everything can be mass produced,
and pretty much everything is made by computers and machines.
With that being said, there is an awe in the beauty of handmade pieces.

They have an "aura" if you will and just thinking a human could
be as precise and even more delicate than laser is incredible.

 'Made in Brooklyn' is an ongoing video series by Brooklyn-based 
photographer and director Dustin Cohen.

This series is a celebration and showcase of an (almost) lost artistry, 
the soul in handmade goods.

''I think there's been this resurgence within people to seek out things ‘Made in America’. Even more so here in New York City, consumers seem to really enjoy objects that have a ‘Made in New York’ or ‘Made in Brooklyn’ tag. People are drawn to things that are created by an actual person and not a mysterious factory thousands of miles away. Getting to buy a product directly from the person making it, interacting with them, it's all part of the experience and people take a lot away from that.''

  ''Between online sites like Etsy, and places like The Brooklyn Flea and Renegade Craft Fair, there are more opportunities for these craftspeople and artisans to directly connect with potential customers and I think this has opened up the door for a lot of new businesses to set up shop here in Brooklyn. In conjunction with that you have the family run businesses that have been here in Brooklyn for generations and despite wars, recessions, and globalization, are able to stay open and make it work. Both kinds of stories are incredibly interesting to me and I think it's something that is worth shining some light on"



'Made In Brooklyn'
by: Dustin Cohen 


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