Saturday, May 25, 2013


When the days of studio were still looming over my head, 
I don't think I could count the number of Nissin noodles I consumed.  

There were days where you were impatient and basically as dried noodle sticks 
but there were also days where you were so caught up in that failing CAD file
that you forgot the noodles were even there 
and it ended up being a cup of mashed potato like blob in soup.

As a staple chapter in every Asian person's childhood / university life,
I'm sure we could appreciate this nifty noodle timer.

Celebrating 40 years of saving student's lives
Nissin got Vstone to create a robot timer as a prize giveaway.

3 minutes is all you need to make that Al Dente cup of noodles.
Now you won't miss it with this timer.

It spits out proverbs, trivias and fortunes for the 3 minutes your waiting,
how thoughtful : )


by: Vstone


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