Sunday, January 19, 2014

frozen Toronto.

Well, I for one am glad to say that Toronto 
is not so frozen anymore.
Considering the numerous falls and bumps I have 
received due to tundra sidewalks and ice death hazards,
I cannot wait until Spring rolls around and punches 
Winter right in the balls.

Toronto photographer Tom Ryaboi
on the other hand seems to be more enthusiatic
about our city's recent weather adventures.
The daredevil photographer isn't afraid to get all Spiderman 
on the edge of a skyscraper in order to snap a jaw dropping shot.
(Want proof? Check this picture out)

"The problem didn't lie in getting into the high rise construction site,
but with how one properly dresses for a rigorous climb (all 60 flights of stairs)
and be prepared to shoot atop the skyscraper at -20 degrees C with windy conditions,"

"Of course, we ended up overdressing for the occasion.
The climb was tough - I thought I almost suffered a heat stroke,
having to carry all that camera gear, and wearing a heavy parka,
two layers of sweaters, and very tight long johns.

In the end, the incredible towering views were well worth the effort.
Everything on the top 3 or 4 floors was exposed to the elements.
And, due to the ice storm our city suffered through several day ago,
it seemed like every object on these floors was covered with a thick layer of ice.
We had to abandon our initial plan of climbing the scaffolding at the rooftop,
which was too dangerously slippery.
That hardly mattered, the views we experienced from
inside the top floors were enough to make any grown man weep.
The frigid air started pounding my body after several hours of shooting,
and soon after, I recall telling myself that I really should
have been more warmly dressed for this ungodly climate."


by: Tom Ryaboi


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